Video / Home Theater

While it is true House Of Stereo is known
for exotic state of the art home theater, we design excellent cost effective audio video systems as well. A tenet of good system engineering is designing the proper level of quality and function for a client's specific needs. Too much excess can confuse some, not enough flexibility will frustrate others. We will engineer and execute your job to the highest standards.

Proper site lines, chair to screen distance,
screen size, theater chair comfort / style, room color, and acoustics are all important factors which are properly integrated into all of our theaters.

The average person is overwhelmed by
the sheer number of remote controls found in most systems these days. We can combine complete system operation into one easy to use remote control. We carefully listen to what you want, and also offer suggestions of technologies you may not be aware of.

Probably the most commonly overlooked
aspect of system design is proper room acoustics. Good acoustics are paramount in the reproduction of natural sound. (Hence the importance placed on concert hall design) We offer incredibly effective treatment in a huge variety of styles and colors as well as grill cloth coverings to hide speakers in cabinets.

We have always specialized in world class
components. Our audio / video systems are no exception. Our video exhibits proper color temperature and superior black level assuring you of the finest that modern technology allows. Our surround sound audio is also held to a very high benchmark. The harsh sound heard in most theater systems is not present in ours. Smooth, powerful sound with a vibrant, rich picture are hallmarks of a House Of Stereo theater system.






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