Construction Sale!

a new space, a new experience

Construction continues, and while we anxiously await the new site's completion, we are looking ahead to the layout of the new space and what products will go where. Now is the time to come talk to us about great deals on demo and new gear!


We pick the finest speakers possible at every price point and for every audio discipline.

Models available for sale

 KEF Q Series: Q350, Q550, Q750, Q950 | LS Series: LS50, LS50W, LSX | R Series: R2, R3, R5, R7, R11 |  REFERENCE: REFERENCE 1, REFERENCE 2, REFERENCE 3, REFERENCE 5 | KEF CI: All in-wall and in-ceiling speakers

QUAD Z Series: Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z-C | S Series: S1, S2, S4, S5, S-C | ESL Series: ESL-2812, ESL-2912

T+A Pulsar 20: ST20, R20  Criterion: S 2200 CTL, S 2100 CTL, S 2000 CTL  Talis: S300, R300

EGGLESTON Emma Evo, Kiva, Andra, Viginti

PHASE TECHNOLOGY  PC Series: PC9.5, PC1.5, PC60, V Series: V62, V52, Custom Install: CI6.1x,CI70X, CI7.3, CI150

FOCAL Utopia Series, Sopra, Kanta, Heaphones, Custom Install, Home Theater

TECHNICAL AUDIO DEVICES Evolution Series: Micro Evolution, Compact Evolution, Evolution 1 Reference Series: Compact Reference, Reference One

MONITOR AUDIO  Platinum Series:PL500 II, PL 300 II, PL200 II, Gold Series: Gold 300, Gold 200, Silver Series: Silver 500, Silver 300, Silver 200 Bronze Series: Bronze 6, Bronze 5

MAGNEPLANAR 3.7i, 1.7i, .7, MMG, LRS

REL Subwoofers G1, S Series, T Series, HT Series



Our picks that represent the state of the art -  the very best of HiFi audio gear available today

AYRE R Series, 5 Series, 8 Series


QUAD Artera, Vena, QII, Elite, PA-One, VA-One

PARASOUND Halo, ZoneMaster, Z Custom, NewClassic

WOLF AUDIO SYSTEMS Red Wolf, Alpha, Luna Servers

ROGERS HIGH FIDELITY Integrated Amplifiers, Phono Stage

BOB CARVER Stereo, Monoblock Amplifiers

T+A HV Series, R Series, E Series, 8 Series

BEL CANTO Black, Black EX, e.One

PRIMARE i35 Series, i15 Series

CODA TECHNOLOGIES Continuum: C Series, T Series, 0 Series, S Series, V Series Amplifiers:

YAMAHA Receivers, Amplifiers, Wireless Speakers, Sound Bars, Turntables


House of Stereo is THE top shop in the Southeastern US for  all things analog.

VPI UNDUSTRIES Titan, Avenger Series, HW-40, Prime Series, Player, Cliffwood

REGA Planar Series, Cartridges, Tonearms, Phono Stage

AUDIO-TECHNICA Turntables, Cartridges, Phono Stage

ORACLE Delphi MkVI Series, Paris Series Origine Series

PRO-JECT Signature, S-Shape, X Line, The Classic, RPM, Debut, Essential, T Line, Juke Box, Primary, Elemental

VAN DEN HUL Cartridges, Phono Stage

ORTOFON Cartridges

SUMIKO Cartridges, Phono Stages

SHELTER Cartridges

Cables, Racks, Accessories

Decent cabling, racks, isolation feet and power treatment are fundamental tools to getting the most out of your music

AUDIENCE Cables: FrontRow, SX, Conductor, Ohno III, Forte Power Products: Adept Response Power Conditioners, Hidden Treasure In-Wall cable and Power Receptacles

WIREWORLD Cables: Platinum Starlight, Gold Starlight, Starlight, Eclipse, UltraViolet, Chroma Solstice, Luna - so many types, we give up!

TRIBUTARIES Cables: UHD Series, Series 8, Series 6, Series 4 Power: T Series Power Conditioners

QUADRASPIRE  Racks: Q4 Evo, SVT, X Reference Speaker Stands, Wall Brackets, Storage, Supports

STILLPOINTS ESS Rack, Ultra Series Feet and adapters, Aperture Acoustic Panels

ISO ACOUSTICS Aperta, GAIA, OREA, Delos feet and isolation

CHANG LIGHTSPEED  Reference, CLS Series Power Conditioners


Choosing the right furniture to complement your audio and video rooms can make a good experience a great one.

Models available for sale

 ACOUSTIC INNOVATIONS Theater Chairs, Wall Panels. Lighting Systems

BDI Media Cabinets, Equipment Racks,Television Stands

BELL'O AV Furniture


SANUS  Equipment Racks, AV Furniture

TUBE TRAP - Room Treatment




The quickest way to a more enjoyable, stress free life at home is by implementing Home Automation technology.

UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL Automation, Whole Home Audio/ Video Technologies

NILES Automation Technologies, Audio/Video

ELAN Automation, Whole Home Audio/ Video Technologies, Security