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Viola Labs

Viola Labs Forte

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The Viola Forte is a compact high quality mono power amplifier developed from the advanced circuitry used in the Viola Symphony, Bravo, and Legacy amplifiers. It is rated at 75W into 8ohms, or 150W into 4 ohms. 2 units may be bridged to give 300W into 8ohms, or 550W into 4 ohms. These ratings are conservative. The Forte will comfortably exceed them under most conditions.

Don’t be deceived by the unit’s compact dimensions. Like its big brothers, the Forte will effortlessly deliver large amounts of power without sacrificing the ability to accurately reproduce the subtle threads in a musical performance.

Dynamics reproduced without compression; stereo images re-created with excellent focus, ad accurate and well controlled bass, all contribute to portraying the emotion that is the essence of a musical performance. A generously rated choke input power supply allows the Forte to easily drive even difficult speakers.

Output Power Stereo Mode
75W into 8 ohms
20Hz to 20kHz, THD < 0.25%
150W into 4 ohms
20Hz to 20kHz, THD < 0.5%
Bridge Mode
300W into 8 ohms
550W into 4 ohms
All power figures quoted are continuous average power
Inputs 2 x XLR
Outputs 1 pair of WBT terminals
Frequency Response 10Hz to 20kHz ± 0.15dB at 1W into 8 ohms
5hz to 100Hz, -3dB at 1W into 8 ohms
Power Bandwidth 5Hz to 100kHz +0, -3dB
SN Ratio -105dB @ 1kHz 75W, C weighted
Dimensions 22.5cm W x 11.0cm H x 42.3cm D
Weight 15.9kg