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T+A DAC 8 DSD D / A converter

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Our new DAC 8 DSD can basically do everything that is necessary for the highest quality conversion of any digital sources into analog signals, for all formats including DSD up to the highest possible resolution. In addition, we have further improved its excellent preamplifier and designed the volume control completely analog with high-end Melf resistors. The “state of the art” output stage is fully symmetrical and discrete, has a very low resistance and is equipped with symmetrical (XLR) and asymmetrical (RCA) outputs. Therefore the DAC 8 DSD is not only a high-end converter, but also a high-end preamplifier of the highest quality.
You can see how seriously we take the statement that the DAC 8 DSD is one of the best high-end converters on the world market from the fact that we work with two separate, complex power supplies for the analog and digital parts.

Volume control is also unusual for a DAC, but it makes perfect sense if you want to use active speakers or use the DAC 8 DSD together with external power amplifiers as a preamplifier. The volume control is very complex and takes place down to low volumes with analog actuators, so there is no loss of dynamics or channel differences, even at low monitoring levels. It can be bridged with the help of two gold contact relays and is completely removed from the signal path when it is not needed.
It was particularly important to us to develop a very good headphone amplifier with a high power supply capability, which makes the DAC 8 DSD even more universally applicable.



The heart of the DAC 8 DSD is the converter section. As in our high-end players, the outstanding quadruple concept with eight 32-bit converters from BurrBrown in a double symmetrical circuit for PCM signals is used. This circuit perfectly compensates for non-linearities and reduces the residual noise (which is excellent anyway with the 32-bit converters used) by approx. 6 dB. The result is a dynamic that is practically unbeatable with a perfect "black level" and extreme linearity and freedom from distortion, even with critical passages and the smallest musical details.
The oversampling is carried out by a modern 56-bit signal processor, for which T + A has developed unique algorithms with perfect time domain behavior that are only available for T + A devices and are based on Bezier polynomials: Bezier interpolation, Bezier / IIR combination . A standard FIR and a short FIR filter are also available. So you can individually choose the optimal sound result depending on the music. The DAC 8 DSD can also invert the absolute phase of the audio signal on a digital level and thus correct recordings with incorrect absolute phase positions.
For DSD data that can be supplied from the PC-USB input, we have developed our own, unique converter, the T + A True One Bit DSD Converter. It is completely analog and a real 1-bit converter, because we did not want to use the DSD mode of a PCM converter like other manufacturers. In this way we ensure that DSD data, as in our high-end DSD / PCM player PDP 3000 HV, is processed absolutely unadulterated and without harmful additional conversion in the real one bit stream. 15 years ago we already had the galvanic Separation of the converter / analog section developed, it completely isolates the digital part in the DAC 8 DSD galvanically from the analog part with the help of ultra-fast digital isolators from Silicon Labs. This prevents any interference from entering the analog section from the source devices!
The “state of the art” analog stages are symmetrical and completely discrete and do not use OP-AMPs. Unlike OP-AMPs, they do not get their linearity from a “hard” negative feedback, but from the quality of the circuit design and the components used, which are elaborately selected and adjusted. The DAC 8 DSD also offers a unique switchable analog bandwidth, which has proven itself very well in our high-end players. The analog reconstruction filter of the DAC 8 DSD can be switched between 60 kHz and 120 kHz cutoff frequency. The “Ultra-Wide” setting of 120 kHz allows a perfect frequency and phase response with corresponding broadband power amplifiers, as T + A naturally has.

Technical specifications

D / A converter


Double differential quadruple converter with 4 D / A converters per channel,
32-bit Sigma Delta, 352.8 kSps / 384 kSps. Eightfold oversampling.
Upsampling: freely programmable signal processor with 4 selectable oversampling algorithms.
FIR short, FIR long, Bezier / IIR, Bezier


Direct DSD Signal Path via T + A True 1 Bit Converter

Analog filter

Phase linear Bessel filter 3rd order, switchable 60 kHz or 120 kHz

Frequency response PCM 44.1 kSps

2 Hz - 20 kHz

Frequency response PCM 48 kSps / DSD 64

2 Hz - 22 kHz / 2 Hz - 44 kHz

Frequency response PCM 96 kSps / DSD 128

2 Hz - 40 kHz / 2 Hz - 60 kHz

Frequency response PCM 192 kSps / DSD 256

2 Hz - 80 kHz / 2 Hz - 80 kHz

Frequency response PCM 384 kSps / DSD 512

2 Hz - 100 kHz / 2 Hz - 100 kHz

Distortion factor


S / N ratio

116 dB

Channel separation

110 dB

Entrances and exits

Outputs analog coaxial (cinch)

2.5 Veff / 22 Ohm fixed. 0 ... 2.5 Veff variable

Balanced outputs (XLR)

5.0 Veff / 22 Ohm fixed. 0 ... 5.0 Veff variable

Digital output

1 x coax, IEC 60958 (CDDA / LPCM)

Digital inputs S / P-DIF

4 x high quality coax and 1 x opt. TOS link,
1 x BNC,
1 x AES / EBU; 32 kSps; 44.1 kSps; 48 kSps; 88.2 kSps; 96 kSps; 176.4 kSps; 192 kSps; 16/24 bit

USB (Device mode)

USB Class 2 Mode; Support of asynchronous data transfer PCM mode: 44.1 kSps; 48 kSps; 88.2 kSps; 96 kSps; 176.4 kSps; 192 kSps; 352.8 kSps; 384 kSps; 16/24/32 bit
DSD mode: DSD64; DSD128; DSD256; DSD 512; (MAC OS only possible up to DSD 128 native)

Connection / accessories / dimensions

Mains connection

110-120 V or 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz


<0.2 W


Including remote control FM8,
asynchronous drivers for Windows are available on the T + A homepage.

Dimensions (H x W x D)

9.5 x 27 x 27 cm


4 kg


Housing aluminum black 42, cover aluminum silver 43

Technical changes reserved!