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House Of Stereo is the proud home of Wolf Audio Systems! In-House, we take every step in the building process of our Wolf servers and provide excellent individual customer service whenever needed.

The Wolf Pack series of High Fidelity Audio Servers (HFAS), designed for every level of HiFi enthusiast, delivers on the Wolf Audio promise. Each Wolf server respectively sets the standard for sound quality, features and customer support.

The current lineup of Wolf models goes: the Luna, the Alpha 3, the Alpha 3 SX, and the Red Wolf 2.

Wolf Audio Systems constantly assesses new technologies and materials in the technical and sonic advancement of its products. The Alpha 3 is the favored choice of many high-end manufacturers displaying their own products at Hi-Fi shows here and abroad.

The Alpha 3 SX server represents the latest performance upgrades resulting from our work with Stillpoints and eXemplar Audio. The objective of the SX project was to make improvements in three key areas: micro-vibration control, electrical grounding, and RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) suppression.

Stereophile has confirmed! Wolf Audio Systems is the worlds most advanced single-box solution! Almost five years to the day that our audio project evolved into Wolf Audio Systems, Stereophile’s review of our new Alpha 3 SX has launched online and in its May 2020 print issue. This system is special. It is the most advanced single-chassis audio server that gets to the heart of the music. The Alpha 3 SX is the world’s introduction to Wolf Audio’s own “Wolf OS” Linux Operating System and incorporates technologies from some of its closest partners in the industry, such as Audience and Stillpoints. With the Alpha 3 SX, Wolf has leapt ahead in its evolution to take its place at the front of the pack as the preeminent player on the digital audio stage.

A HUGE thanks to our audio partners: John McDonald of Audience, Paul Wakeen and Bruce Jacobs of; John Tucker of Exemplar Audio, Lenny Mayeux of MoFi Distribution

Stereophile Review(s):…/…/wolf-audio-systems-alpha-3-sx…

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