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The GTP 450AM/FM stereo turner preamp is ADCOM’s most affordable remote controlled amplifier, yet it’s sonically superior to many separate preamplifier/turner stereo combinations that are far more expensive. The GTP-450 amps have an excellent built-in tuner section that employs accurate quartz synthesizer technology to deliver on excellent FM/AM reception. The amps are equipped with ADCOM-specific engineering features that were used in their award-winning separates: their trademark linear gain amplifier and proprietary circuit topology. Engineered as an ideal match for any ADCOM high current power amplifier, the GTP-450 allows you to customize your music system to your own liking. Thanks to its Class “A” high-level output circuitry, the GTP-450 amps respond more accurately to musical input, producing the clarity, sound-stage accuracy, and superior resolution for which ADCOM is known. The GTP-450 amp also features a two-channel preamplifier that minimizes hum and noise, five L/R RCA inputs, and a built-in tuner that produces broadcast-quality sound. The preamp delivers station monitor-quality FM reproduction, the highest signal quality allowed in broadcasting. Enjoy the flow of smooth deep bass with crisp and articulate high tones through your speakers.

The GTP-450 is sonically superior to many separate preamplifier and tuner combinations that cost 2, 3, even 5 times more. A value that is typical of Adcom components.

To meet the exceedingly high standards and design objectives, the GTP-450 displays that same state-of-the-art component parts that Adcom engineers have implemented in their award-winning separates, including proprietary linear gain amplifiers, polypropylene capacitors, low-loss printed circuit boards, and 1% metal film resistors.

The same Class “A” high level output circuitry specified by audio perfectionists in the ‘price is no object’ stratosphere benefits the GTP-450 as well. It responds more accurately to the musical input and is largely responsible for the clarity, superior resolution and soundstage accuracy for which Adcom performance is known.

FM reproduction is station-monitor quality, the highest standard the broadcast signal allows, thanks to an all-new, specifically built multiplex decoder that minimizes noise and hum without sacrificing stereo separation or compressing the dynamic range of the music.

Sonic excellence doesn’t come at the expense of control flexibility, however. A full-function wireless remote control is standard and extends input selection, tuning and volume adjustments to the comfort of your listening position. You can even turn the entire system’s power on and off.

Don’t hesitate to compare the Adcom GTP-450 to the most expensive separate preamps and tuners available. Then evaluate its flexibility next to the most fully-featured control centers you can find. You’ll see and hear the Adcom difference. It’s in the details.

Preamplifier Section

Output impedance
Main Outputs 475 ohms
Tape Outputs 500 ohms

Output Level (Rated) …..1.0V

Input impedance …..25 kohms

Frequency Response
20Hz to 20kHz…..±0.5dB

THD+N at Rated Output
20Hz to 20kHz…..<0.0075%

IM Distortion
CCIF from 4kHz to 20kHz …..<0.001%

Signal to Noise Ratio (Ref. to 1 volt) “A” Weighted …..<95dB

Tone Controls

FM Tuner Section

Usable Sensitivity (Mono) …..3uV/15 dBf

Quieting Sensitivity (50dB)
Mono…..3.4 uV/22 dBf
Stereo…..31 uV/41 dBf

Signal To Noise (65dBf, “A” weighted)

THD+N (1kHz, 65dBf)

Capture Ratio…..2.5dB

Alternate Channel Sensitivity ( ±400kHz)…..>75dB

Separation (at 1 kHz)…..>50dB

Frequency Response (±0.5dB)…..30Hz to 15kHz

AM Tuner Section

Sensitivity …..300uV/m

Selectivity (+-10kHz) …..>40dB

Signal To Noise (5mV/m “A” Weighted) …..>45dB


Power (available in 220v or 240V special order)

Chassis Dimensions
3″(76mm) x 17″(432mm) x 11 1/2″(292mm)

Maximum Dimensions
3 1/4″(3mm) x 17″ (432mm) x 12 1/4″(324mm)

Weight …..14 lbs.(6.3kg)

Weight, Packed …..16.5 lbs.(7.5kg)