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Totally New Streaming DAC with High Level of Musicality

The original Vega Digital Audio Processor was a
reference DAC that performed way beyond its price point. The brand-new
Vega G2 Streaming DAC benefits from continued research and development
at AURALiC. Vega G2 incorporates cutting-edge transfer protocols,
enhanced isolation engineering, a redesigned chassis and much more, all
while preserving beloved elements like the ORFEO output module. The
result is a totally new streaming DAC that sets a new standard while
achieving the level of musicality that is a hallmark of AURALiC

“Live recordings sounded especially magical, even the
less spectacular ones have a vitality and presence that made them very
hard to put down so strong is the sense of palpable reality once your
eyes are shut,” reports Jason Kennedy,, January 22,
2018 – which award the Vega G2 its top rating of Five Stars. “Ryan Adams
and the Cardinals live version of ‘Hallelujah’ is a regular test track
because it has so much scale and atmosphere, with the AURALiC it was
positively electric, with so much low level detail and immediacy that
you could almost smell the excitement in the audience.”

“One of the Most Beautiful Sounding and Accomplished DACs”

“AURALiC’s VEGA G2 represents a big sonic step
forward from the firm’s well-respected VEGA Digital Audio Processor and
it also is one of the most beautiful sounding and accomplished DACs I’ve
ever had the pleasure of using in my reference system,” raves Chris
Martens in his Hi-fi+ magazine review for June 19, 2018. “For this reason and more, the VEGA G2 is thoughtfully and enthusiastically recommended.”

“With Vega G2 and indeed the entire G2 class of components, AURALiC seems to have succeeded and then some,” notes Danny Kaey,,
August 2, 2018. “Judging by what I am hearing in my system, G2 is
reference quality, at distinctly non-reference price points. Half or far
less the cost of other, comparable gear, the G2 will surely find plenty
of prospective and eager buyers.”

“Best DAC I Have Ever Tested

“Xuanqian Wang and his associates at AURALiC have
developed a worthy successor to their VEGA DAC,” reports Steve Plaskin
in an October 2018 review for “Not only did I find
the sound quality of the VEGA G2 to be very engaging and entertaining to
listen to, but the numerous features and inputs – streaming especially –
offer a level of versatility not often seen in today’s increasingly
crowded high-end DAC market.”

“I don’t know how much better digital audio decoding can get,” notes John E. Johnson, Secrets of Home Theater & High Fidelity, February 13, 2019. “Bottom line: The VEGA G2 is the best DAC I have ever tested.”

Now with Spotify Connect

The AURALiC Vega G2 now lets you stream content from
Spotify Connect. For the firmware update that makes this possible, just
fire up the Lightning DS app on your iPhone or iPad. This gives you one
more way to access music on your AURALiC device, and you are in good
company. Spotify Connect is the number one streaming service and as of
July 2017 claims 60 million paying subscribers and 140 million users,
according to John Darko via

A New Standard in Digital Audio Processing

The AURALiC Vega G2 takes everything that made the
original Vega a standout while adding entirely new features and
technology. Original engineering designs focused on isolation and
separation guard against the slightest attack on sound quality.
Cutting-edge technologies and proprietary innovations offer expanded
functionality and ultimate integration with the G Series family of
products. If you’re looking for the next reference DAC that demonstrates
the future of integrated musical data processing that maintains an
impeccable dedication to quality, look no further than the Vega G2.

Lightning Streaming

Like all streaming-capable AURALiC products, the Vega
G2’s expansive functionality and connectivity options take advantage of
its native integration of AURALiC’s custom-built Lightning Streaming
technology. Lightning Streaming uses your existing network to create a
dedicated music streaming environment capable of processing and
streaming the highest resolution musical formats available, including
DSD512 and PCM 32-bit, 384 kHz. Lightning Streaming brings all the audio
network functionality you’ve come to expect from AURALiC devices too,
like Gapless Playback, Memory Caching, Bit-Perfect Multi-Room, and

With the Vega G2 and the G series of products,
AURALiC, introduces a browser-based interface for configuring Lightning
Streaming and its features, allowing universal access for the first time
from any smart phone, tablet, or computer. In addition to compatibility
with AirPlay, the Vega G2 is a certified Roon Ready endpoint for
seamless integration with Roon software, adding yet another element to
its flexibility.

When working together with the AURALiC Aries G2 and
other G2 series products, such as Sirius and Leo, the Vega G2’s
incredible power and tightly synchronized functionality elevates your
setup to a cutting-edge streaming digital audio system.

Lightning Link

Lightning Link is a low-jitter, bi-directional 18
Gbps coupling that takes advantage of high- speed HDMI-type hardware
connectors to provide a superior level of transmission control, making
today’s ultra-high resolution digital music shine like never before.

Different from the I2S standard, the bi-directional
Lightning Link opens the door to jitter-free operation of all the
devices in your system. Clocking information from destination devices
such as the Vega G2 can drive the ARIES G2 timing, for example,
providing perfect data synchronization. Lightning Link also carries
system control data for everything from volume control to processor
engine setup, allowing all linked AURALiC devices to appear in a single,
unified control interface.

Tesla Platform

The AURALiC Tesla Platform is at the heart of the
Vega G2’s processing power. Built around a Quad-Core A9 chip, with 1 GB
DDR3 memory and 4 GB of storage, the Vega G2 runs at a whopping 25,000
MIPS, which is 25 times faster than the processor found in the original
Vega. This allows for the introduction of more sophisticated filter
algorithms and oversampling techniques than ever before. As always,
automatic updates keep the Vega G2 current with the latest feature set
and support, continually expanding its functionality and ensuring peak

Dual 72fs Femto Master Clocks

AURALiC built the Vega G2 with two incredibly precise
clocks for amazing accuracy. One clock handles sampling of formats in
multiples of 44.1kHz, and the second takes care of 48kHz (and multiples)
files. They’re the most sophisticated clocks AURALiC has ever built,
and they function on 72 femtosecond cycles – 72 quadrillionths of a
second. The result is less jitter and immaculate sound.

The 72fs Femto Master Clock is just as quiet as it is
accurate, with an extremely low -169 dBc / Hz of phase noise and a 100
Hz offset noise level of only -118 dBc / Hz, thanks in part to its low-
noise 3 uV dedicated power supply.

Jitter-Free Operation

The union of AURALiC’s Lightning OS, the Tesla
Platform, and the 72fs Femto Master Clock leads to a new trick hiding up
the VEGA G2’s sleeve: it’s a DAC that’s always in charge. While DACs
until now have relied on DPLL circuitry to lock on to the input signal’s
frequency, the VEGA G2 has no such limitation – a first in the audio

Lightning OS takes full advantage of the Tesla
Platform’s considerable resources by buffering enough data to make the
input signal’s frequency irrelevant, allowing the Vega G2 to govern all
processing with that super-accurate 72fs Femto Master Clock. It’s a
configurable setting, too, from 0.1s to 1s, so a smaller buffer size may
be set for higher quality sources.

Digital Audio Galvanic Isolation

Physically separating electrical circuits while
allowing data to flow between them, Digital Audio Galvanic Isolation in
the Vega G2 offers a new level of protection against electromagnetic
interference. AURALiC has designed a high speed galvanic isolator that’s
configured between primary circuits in the Vega G2. The noise-sensitive
D/A converter, Femto Clock, and analog circuit are isolated from the
central processing circuit, eliminating EMI noise and contributing to
unparalleled sound quality.

Full Passive Volume Control

Years of development at AURALiC have resulted in yet
another brand-new feature appearing in the VEGA G2 – a high-performance,
low power, fully passive volume control. The fact that most relays need
to draw power whether their status is ‘closed’ or ‘open’ is not only
inefficient, but their always-energized coils also generate significant
levels of EMI noise, adversely affecting sound quality. The eight
coil-latch relays driving the Vega G2’s R-2R resistor ladder attenuator
network draw no current once set. That fully passive, zero-current
system means zero noise. It’s an expensive solution to construct, but
when the goal is precise control and uncompromised sound quality, it’s
worth every penny.

ORFEO Class-A Output Module

Inspired by the classic Neve 8078 analog console
circuit design, the ORFEO Class-A Output Module found in the Vega G2 is
capable of driving various loads, matching the characteristics of
different power amplifiers. ORFEO uses small signal components with
excellent linear characteristics, thermally balanced and biased into
Class-A to achieve open loop distortion of less than 0.001%. In the Vega
G2, ORFEO has been optimized for lower noise while maintaining the
ability to drive 600 ohm loads without increasing distortion.

Dual Low-Noise Linear Purer-Power

AURALiC’s Purer-Power technology already re-examined
every detail of power delivery with innovative wiring and circuit
designs based on the concepts of isolation and purification. The Vega G2
takes that approach a step further by including two internal
Purer-Power linear power supplies, separating and protecting distinct
power circuits from interference. The first Purer-Power supply feeds the
Vega G2’s processing circuit, LCD display, and network interface. The
second Purer-Power pathway is dedicated to sensitive audio components
such as the D/A converter, the Femto clock, and the analog circuit. Both
power supplies are galvanically isolated from each other to ensure zero
EMI interference between them.

Unity Chassis

The Vega G2 is housed in a completely redesigned
enclosure – the Unity Chassis. It’s machined from a single billet of
aluminum and specifically designed for the premium lineup of AURALiC G
Series products, right down to mass balancing and the shape of its foot
spikes. The Unity Chassis excels at shielding the inner workings of the
Vega G2 from EMI and providing superior dampening and absorption,
reflecting the obsessive attention to noise reduction throughout the G

Flexible Filter Mode

The second generation of AURALiC’s Flexible Filter
Mode makes an appearance in the Vega G2 for a nuanced level of
user-selected control over audio output. It includes four filter modes
developed using a combination of objective data models and subjective
testing, with each mode assembling a unique array of filters to match
the sonic qualities of the source. Precise Mode maximizes in-band ripple
and out-band attenuation performance for example, while Smooth Mode
eliminates pre-ringing. Dynamic and Balance Modes round out the
available options that provide an extra level of control for your

Dimensions  (WDH)  13.4 x 12.6 x 3.7″

Weight is 21 lbs.