B&W DM302 Bookshelf Speakers With Stands

$250.00 $100.00

Overall, I was consistently surprised by how good, how clean, how big the B&W DM302s sounded. That’s exciting, because hi-fi has become the 20th-century equivalent of gout—a rich man’s disease. Thanks to companies like B&W, it doesn’t have to be.

So what kind of speaker can you get for $250? One that disappears, leaving you alone with the music; one that tells you what’s on the recording with surprising accuracy; one that shows you what all this audio brouhaha is about. True, you don’t get a lot of low-end information—although most listeners will be surprised at how much is there—and there are limits as to how loud you can listen. But these are minor quibbles. When you consider that even the most expensive loudspeakers are compromised, it’s amazing how much performance B&W has wrested from a $250/pair, small monitor speaker. I wholeheartedly recommend the DM302.

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