Conrad-Johnson Premier 140 Amplifier

$9,800.00 $3,200.00

Recently serviced and re-tubed with KT-120’s, this C-J is one we’d like to keep ourselves, but we have to stop doing that.

KT-120 – <200Hrs


I continue to be amazed at how each new generation of amplifier from Conrad-Johnson advances beyond its predecessors. And, if the future resembles the past, I expect Messrs. C and J to continue pulling aural rabbits from their sleeves. For now, all I can say is the Premier 140 sets a new standard for Conrad-Johnson amplifiers, which says a lot given C-J’s rich history, and is the most complete amplifier I’ve enjoyed for extended use in my system. The Premier 140 shows extraordinarily high build quality and is simple to maintain and operate. It conveys music in a way that is visceral, natural, and ultimately satisfying.

Some will say the “new” Conrad-Johnson sound of the Premier 140 is more neutral. I say it sounds more like live music. Either way, it deserves — commands — your attention.