Mark Levinson No. 333 Dual Monoaural Amplifier

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Mark Levinson No. 333 Dual Monoaural Amplifier
Very good Condition and runs like new – Shop Demo, few hours of runtime.

The Mark Levinson Nº 333 Dual Monaural Power Amplifier includes several design features which are responsible for its outstanding performance. In particular, the Dual Monaural power amplifier defies the accepted wisdom that it is impossible to design a large, powerful amplifier that also has all of the finesse of the finest smaller amplifiers. Each Mark Levinson 300-series amplifier includes two large, completely independent power supplies—one for each channel. Each supply includes a high capacity, low noise toroidal transformer, and two large, low ESR capacitors in each channel. The 300-series power amplifiers operate as virtually perfect textbook cases of a “voltage source.” This is to say that they will maintain whatever the appropriate voltage might be at any moment (given the demands of the music, and within the rated voltage output of the amplifier) without any particular regard for the current demands of the loudspeaker.

Because of this “voltage source” characteristic, the 300-series amplifiers double their power output every time the loudspeaker impedance is cut by half. For example, the Nº333’s continuous rated power is 300 watts per channel at 8 ; 600watts per channel at 4; 1200 watts per channel at 2 —assuming the electrical circuit in the wall can support these extraordinary power levels. No known high quality loudspeaker can absorb the continuous full power capability of the Nº 333. (Nor would you want to be present in the room were you to find one that could do so.) However, many high quality loudspeakers may require rather extreme power levels on a short term basis when reproducing music at realistic levels. The 300-series amplifiers can answer these needs with impunity, without any power supply “sag” pand without altering their sonic performance in any way. The resultant imperturbable nature of these amplifiers is reflected in the authority and control with which they reproduce music.

“The No. 333 is a true high end performer, capable of doing it all. Resolute imaging, dynamic orchestral blasts all with an overall musicality found only in the elite of high end amps. If you’re of the means and are looking for an amplification system that can drive your loudspeakers without compromise, The Mark Levinson No. 333 deserves your attention and audition.” – Jerry Del Colliano