Van Den Hul’s The MC – Silver IT MKIII Interconnects (RCA, XLR)


The MC – SILVER IT Mk III Balanced is the top of the line balanced interconnect in our program.

A new sprig of our 1982 introduced famous MC – SILVER line of Matched Crystal Silver, highest quality level interconnects.

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The best of all our classic metal technology put together in one of the top interconnects of our program: extremely spacious and
dynamic in its performance, a break through to the future and… cosmetically also a delight because of the durable transparent deep
red HULLIFLEX®(*) jacket. Available in any length.

Amongst the trueborn high-end audio lovers the van den Hul MC – SILVER series has since then world-wide gained a most respected audience of devotees and admirers. And their ears certainly aren’t wrong…

Now enters The MC – SILVER IT Mk III Balanced; an even further improved version of our MC SILVER Mk II Balanced:

The best of all our know-how on metal technology combined in one cable !

Our latest technical insights have allowed us to incorporate sophisticated material and design refinements.