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Adcom GFA-5705 Power Amplifier

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GFA-5705 5 Channel Stereo Power Amplifier

The GFA-5705 amplifier can drive a very broad range of loudspeakers, including those with very low impedances, at sustained, high-power levels, even when the impedances are highly reactive. Great care was taken to insure that the distortion in the amplifier would remain extremely low. This 5-channel power amplifier is ideal for home theater use.



The power supply in the GFA-5705 5-channel amplifier has enormous reserve with an extremely large transformer feeding a storage bank of 30000uF per channel & total of 150,000uF of filter capacitance. The transformer itself was designed for extremely good regulation, insuring stable voltages regardless of the power demands from the amplifier. Its higher efficiency was insured by using a toroidal design.




5-channel power amplifier

Great care has been taken by ADCOM to assure that your 5-channel power amplifier is as flawless in appearance as it is electronically. The front panel is a heavy- gauge, high-grade aluminum extrusion carefully finished and anodized for durability. The chassis, top cover and rear panel are of heavy-gauge steel, both painted and baked. If the front panel, top or sides should become dusty or fingerprinted, they can be cleaned with a Swifter and/or a clean, soft, Lintless, microfiber cloth,slightly dampened with a very mild detergent solution or nonammonia glass cleaner.



Output Power 200 watts @ 5 channels into 8 ohms
300 watts @ 5 channels into 4 ohms
Frequency Resp. @ 1watt, 8-ohms:
+0. -0.25dB, 10Hz to 20kHz.
Power Bandwidth (-3dB): 5Hz to 100kHz
Input Impedance 22,000 ohms.
Power 120VAC & 230VAC / 50-60Hz
Damping Factor >300, 20Hz to 20kHz
Input Sensitivity 1.8V rms, 200 watts into 8 ohms
Max Dimensions 10.75” x 19” x 19.75”
275mm x 480mm x 565mm
Weight 81 lbs.(37kg).
Shipping Weight: 90 lbs.(41kg).
The GFA-5705 5-channel power amplifier from ADCOM is ideal for powering your finest stereo music speakers, or home theater surround sound setup. The 5-channels are perfect for 4 surrounding tweeters plus a sub-bass woofer.

Many people are often disappointed when they first hear and experience the sound quality delivered by their TV and stereo speakers. They don’t supply the heart-pounding impact of a surround sound system in the theater because they aren’t supported by the depth of power that a high-quality power amplifier delivers. You can provide an entirely new experience to your home theater’s performance by purchasing the powerful GFA-5705 5-channel power amplifier. Bring your home theater to life! Buy the GFA-5705 5-channel amp from ADCOM.

Note: For more technical specs, please refer to the attached user manual & Spec