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Synergistic Research

Synergistic Research Atmosphere SX Euphoria Digital Interconnect (Level 3)

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Atmosphere X Digital Interconnects


EUPHORIA is our most advanced Atmosphere X Digital cable with Level 3 UEF Matrix Shielding and is the only Atmosphere X interconnect to include an Inductive UEF Filter for a lower noise floor and improved holographic scale. EUPHORIA’s geometry has twice the number Silver Matrix Digital Geometries as EXCITE plus 1 x Pure Silver Airstring for RCA, and 4 x Silver Matrix Digital geometries with 2 x pure silver Airstring geometries for XLR. As with all Atmosphere X cables, EUPHORIA benefits from technology first developed for our BLUE fuses including a new process to enhance out of the box musicality and increased lifetime performance, along with UEF resonator technology for a lower system nose floor with increased soundstage scale. Finally EUPHORIA digital cables are Quantum Tunneled on our 1,000,000 volt Tesla Coil for enhanced holographic realism and clarity.