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Audience SX RCA (Pair)

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Audience AU24 SX Interconnects

Higher Purity OCC Copper | XLPE Jacketing | New Geometry

Priced per stereo pair

The Audience AU24 line of interconnects has garnered much recognition and many awards over the years. It has become the reference interconnect for many audiophiles who prefer a copper interconnect that presents a balanced sound, full of dynamics and resolution.

For 2015, the Audience team has focused it's creative energy on developing a line of cables that substantially surpasses the highest level of performance ever achieved by their products. The end result has been the AU24 SX series of audio cables. The AU24 SX cables look similar to the past line of Au24 cables. However, you will easily hear that the new SX cables represent a substantial step forward in the natural, unimpeded and resolute delivery of the original sound field in recordings.

OCC Copper

The enhanced performance of the AU24 SX cables is the result of sourcing higher purity OCC copper (6 nines), a higher quality of XLPE (cross linked polyethylene) insulation as well as making adjustments to geometry. Numerous wire samples were produced and tested to achieve the greatest performance possible. Anyone who has been a fan of any Audience Au24, Au24 e or Au24 SE cables should be thrilled when they hear the new SX line.


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