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J. Sikora

J.Sikora Reference Turntable

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The Reference turntable is an extreme development towards the same goals J.Sikora set for the Standard turntable. This is a no-compromise turntable that can be considered a true reference in both name and performance.
No fewer than six types of materials and four centrally-controlled DC/PAPST motors are used. The platter is both dynamically and statically balanced, and it is constructed from three separate materials. The main bearing was improved with the use of steel, cemented carbides, and zirconium. There is an option to use up to three tonearms, and a wide variety of arms can be accommodated.

Reference Optional Accessories:

  • Extra Armtowers for 2nd and 3rd Tonearms

Reference Technical Specifications

  • Total Weight: 238lbs / 108 kg
  • Platter Weight: 39.7lbs / 4kg
  • Platter Material: Delrin® and Cast Iron
  • Material: Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Cast Iron, Inox Steel
  • Bearing Type: Ceramic Ball, Inverted
  • Motor: 4 DC
  • Power Supply: Linear with Advanced Voltage Stabilization and Filtering
  • Belt Material: Rubber
  • Rotation Speeds [rpm]: 33; 45
  • No. of Tonearms: 1 (+2 Optional)
  • Arm Tower: 1
  • Record Clamp: Yes
  • Glass Mat: Yes
  • Dimensions:
    22″ (560mm) Wide
    22″ (560mm) Deep
    15″ (380mm) High