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Origin Acoustics

Origin Acoustics Bracket BRL30 Pair

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Origin Acoustics Composer Theater Bracket 2 Pack


Units of Measure: Pair (pr)
Sturdy ABS Bracket construction and aluminum perforated wings make these brackets ideal for reserving a space for your Origin Acoustics speakers. Added during the new construction phase of building your home, the snap on the wings can be mounted in several different locations using the fast and easy Snap-Lock attachment to exactly place the bracket in the precise place you want your speakers located. Just staple, screw or nail the wings to a pair of studs or joists. The convenient dam will ensure that the drywall team leaves a perfect hole for mounting your Origin Acoustics speakers.

Technical Specifications

  • Model Number BRL30
  • Part Number BRKL3000N
  • Collection IW/OW Installation Accessories