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Phasemation EPA-007X Headphone Amplifier

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We, Phasemation, released the Pure Audio Grade Headphone Amplifier, EPA-007x. Phasemation has been releasing the audio equipment for reproducing live music consistently. Also for EPA-007x, we aspire to have pure audio grade sound quality by adopting the high-quality sound technology specialized to music playback utilized to other Phasemation products.

This amplifier is compatible for balanced headphones due to the dual monaural construction. Unprecedented natural lateralization is provided by the recently-developed dump controller.

Product Concept

Music outputted from the grade of high-end speakers should be also outputted from headphones; so we designed EPA-007x. Because headphones are overwhelmingly more sensitive than loud speakers (1000 times in power ratio), sufficient sound volume can be outputted at approximately 1mW.Because the headphones are sensitive, the quality of the device is sensitively reflected in the sound. Also for EPA-007x, freshness of music is ensured due to discrete circuit construction and minimum device construction to be utilized to other Phasemation products. The range of headphone impedances has a width of different order of magnitude, so it is hard to gain a damping force matching every headphone. 

The damp controller adopted in this unit can vary depending on the damping force of the headphones; therefore softer sound and more natural lateralization suiting your taste can be gained.

Main feature

1. Dual Mono Amplifiers consisting of Discrete Components in All Stages

High-sensitive headphones reflect sensitively in the freshness reduced by passing through devices. In EPA-007x, an operating amplifier is not used in order to prevent reducing freshness; so carefully-screened devices are adopted in all stages. The dual amplifiers have independent power supplies; therefore balanced cable type headphones
Completely separating L and R lines can be driven.

2. Adopting Damp Controller for Providing the Damping Force to Headphones

The damping force matching the headphones having on impedance variation of 16 to 500 ohms can be set by the damp controller adopted in EPA007x. In addition to contact degree of the head pad, by driving the headphones with an appropriate damping force, a pesante bass tone can be created; and the audio image existing at the head point is moderately alleviated; therefore your stress can be alleviated when listening for a long time.

3. Adopting the Protection circuit for Protecting Headphones

The cut-off protector which prevents propagating pop noises generated when the power switch is set ON/OFF and protects the headphones in an abnormal action is adopted.

4. Resonance-free, vibration-free and interference-free chassis made of aluminum in all

The unit consists of the front panel made of aluminum steel shavings to be a nonmagnetic material, (the 2mm thick chassis and top cover.) By exhausting heat from the chassis faces, the enclosed structure without slits is achieved.

Product Specification

Product type

Dual MonoHeadphone Amplifier


Analog 1 system (XLR or RCA)


XLR/6.3mm Standard stereo jack (x2)

Input impedance 

10k ohms

Frequency characteristics 

20 Hz to 100 kHz -0.5 dB

Compatible headphone impedance 

16 to 600 ohms

Residual noise 

50µV or less


90dB or more

Power consumption 

2W (115 or 220VAC, 50/60 Hz)

Dimensions (mm)

220(width) x 57(height) x 234 (depth)


2.0 kg


AC power cable

Machined gold-plated terminal