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Synergistic Research

Synergistic Research PowerCell ONE

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PowerCell ONE

The ONE.

The PowerCell ONE is three powerful EM Cells for filtering hot and neutral  AC plus Ground captive to an Actively Shielded Blue High Current 10 Gauge power cord. It can be used to extend the reach of multi-outlet PowerCells when an amplifier is located far away from the rest of a system when long runs of Atmosphere X, Galileo SX, or SRX power cords would be out of the question. Other uses include adding additional filtration to digital and analog components connected to a multi-outlet PowerCell or when a multi-outlet PowerCell is located far from the AC outlet so that a long run of either Atmosphere X, Galileo SX or SRX Power Cords would be out of budget. Simply plug the power cord of your choice into The PowerCell ONE and plug The PowerCell ONE into your multi-outlet PowerCell or into the wall. In short, the PowerCell ONE increases filtration and allows long runs to be connected to higher performance, higher cost Active Power Cords without system budget overruns. 

What’s inside?

  • 10-Gauge ACTIVELY SHIELDED BLUE High Current Power Cord with full Blue Fuse conditioning.
  • Internal Level 2 Atmosphere X Power Supply.
  • 2 x Active EM Cell AC and Ground filtration.
  • Carbon Fibre enclosure.
  • Two-Stage Quantum Tunneling treatment.
  • Blue UEF treated outlet and wall plug.
  • Standard 18 inch length and longer custom runs.
  • Available in Schuko and US outlets.
  • Hand Made in our California factory.