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Quad Artera Solus

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The Artera Solus – a multi-tasking hi-fi system packed into a single sleek and sophisticated box, combining a CD transport, DAC, pre-amplifier, and power amplifier in a single compact chassis, with extensive connectivity options including Bluetooth connectivity.

The Quad Artera Solus is a new all-in-one system from Quad and takes elements of the existing Artera electronics and shrinks them down into a single chassis. Since they have become part of the IAG family of brands, Quad has walked an interesting line between continuing to be a ‘classic’ hifi brand that makes products that would be largely familiar in design to company founder Peter Walker and producing some very clever and forward thinking products (and sometimes combining both disciplines to unlikely effect in products like the VA-One valve amp).

The Artera family is very definitely in the latter category. Until now, it has been a two box system that combines a conventional (and very hefty) power amp with an innovative CD and digital preamp to create an attractive and capable system. Compact and capable it might be but it comes in two boxes rather than one and that isn’t (currently) where the market is seeing the most interest.

As such, enter the Solus. This is a direct play for the market currently being consumed by the Naim Uniti Atom and any number of other rivals. The product that Quad has come up with to do that is a little different from those rivals though and in some ways is different again from anything on the market. Is this difference for the sake of it or has Quad got the winning formula for one box bliss?