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Tributaries Series 6 AC Power Cord Type C7

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All Series 6 audio cables are meticulously assembled by hand in Orlando, Florida. The Series 6 6P-C7 is a 2-pole non-polarized power cable that is shielded and grounded on the AC end. The cable is engineered with 14AWG conductors that won’t starve power amplifiers of current. Designed exclusively for Tributaries by Jay Victor these cables are designed primarily for low frequency signals of 50/60Hz with conductor size and gauge combinations specific for this purpose. The Series 6 starts with multi-gauge solid High Conductivity Oxygen-Free Copper (HC-OFC) developed specifically for audio applications. Each conductor is insulated with PVC dielectric material that was chosen to isolate vibration caused by alternating current from entering the signal path. For maximum noise reduction alternating lays in cable twisting is employed. Magnetic fields are created when insulated conductors are twisted in a bundle causing distortion. Alternating the twists cancels out magnetic fields eliminating distortion. 6P is triple shielded, shielding from RF and EMI noise results in audible improvements by lowering the noise floor you hear and see more information. Termination of the Series 6 power cable conductors involves first preparing the wires by stripping the PE insulation, maintaining the original twist in the conductor and dipping in a high temperature solder pot. This process bonds the wires into one conductor that is terminated in the light-weight nylon power connector. This construction reduces transmission resistance and improves signal flow

The Series 6 Power cable is stocked in each in lengths from 3 foot, 6 foot and 9 foot with custom lengths available


Model 6P-C7 Highlights

Assembled by hand with foreign and domestic parts in Orlando Florida, USA
2-Pole Non-polarized 15Amp Straight IEC >Straight AC power cable
Large 14AWG HC-OFC wires don’t starve power amps of power
Multi-gauge geometry design is optimized for low frequency AC signals of 50/60Hz
Propriety winding techniques & triple shielding ensure low noise transfer
PVC dielectrics isolate vibration from alternating current from entering the signal path.
Non-magnetic nylon power connectors are both durable and light-weight
Decorative woven jacket over Rugged black PVC jacket
Available in custom lengths