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Soundsmith MMP3 Phono Preamp

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An upgrade in quality does not have to deplete your wallet.

The Soundsmith MMP & MCP preamps are revolutionary designs for their price - and the comments we get at each hi-fi show prove it. These preamps are what we use to demo our cartridges at all our shows even our high end cartridge designs -

Each hand - made preamp circuit is housed in a high quality aluminum case, powered by an external DC power supply, with easy to set up instructions. All amplifiers have extremely accurate RIAA equalization response.


Model No. Type Input Load* Gain* Noise (unweighted) Features Price
MMP3 moving magnet 47k 100pF
43dB standard **
or 34dB special order
-93 dB down ultra low noise, constructed with very high end audio grade components $999.95 + shipping