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Stillpoints ESS 28-26-3 Acrylic Rack

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Stillpoints ESS racks are widely recognized as the best in the industry. They are available in a variety of configurations. You are looking at the 28-20-3 model. This model has 2 - 28 inch masts, with 3 - 26 inch wide shelves. Hence the 28-26-3 model designation.


The Stillpoints 28-26-3 Rack

  • 28" Tall

  • 26" Wide 3/4" Thick Plexiglass Shelves

  • 3 Shelves Total

ESS Rack Features:

  • Equipment suspended by vibration damping hub mechanism.

  • Stillpoints dampers built into each 3/4" stainless steel shelf support beam and leg.

  • Extensive use of dissimilar materials.

  • Low profile, versatile & expandable design.

  • Adjustable shelf positions.

  • Level adjustment can be made with feet or shelf positioning.

  • Stillpoints/Threaded Risers can be added to each leg.

  • If space allows, additional shelves can be added.

  • Low mass design reduces energy storage

  • Weight capacity per shelf:
    20" and 26" wide is 250 lbs.
    40" wide is 150 lbs.

  • Total weight capacity is 1,000 lbs per rack.

The  28-26-3 ESS rack consists of two Masts, two Crossbars, and 3 shelves. The ESS rack can be configured with extra shelves at an additional cost.

How much can the ESS Rack Support?

The Stillpoints 28-26-3 will accept weights up to 250lbs per shelf. Meaning they can support your amplifiers, or tranformer based power conditioners with ease. It can hold over 1000 lbs total.