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Stillpoints Ultra II 1/4-20

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Ultra II

The Ultra II follows the legacy of the original Ultra 6, incorporating the use of technology pockets on opposing sides of the isolator. The Ultra II is the first product to support the Version 2 filter and it is the only product that was built using just the Version 2 filter. There is no Version 1 Ultra II. It is available in these configurations.

Ultra II 1⁄4-20: An Ultra II 1⁄4-20 threaded pads at both top and bottom. This could be affixed to a component via the top pad with an appropriately sized adapter for the component being used.

The Ultra II 1⁄4-20 can be used with the Ultra Base (ordered separately). Available in sets of 3 or 4.

Note: The Ultra II is not recommended for use under loudspeakers due to the small
6/32” screws holding the pad to the body.

The preferred supports for loudspeakers are either the Ultra SS V2, the Ultra 5 V2, or the custom threaded Ultra 7 V2.