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Synergistic Research

Synergistic Research Foundation Speaker Cables (Pair)

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This is where Hi-Fi Audio and Synergistic Research get started. We can put Foundation against any manufacturer's product at twice the price and predict the outcome. Ted and Co. did something amazing with their Foundation series, and we can confirm that we are fans!


Our new Foundation Interconnects and Speaker Cables are the brainchildren of our Lead Designer who wanted an affordable IC and SC loom with the performance for which other companies charge thousands of dollars. To make this a reality, Ted distilled his highest performance cable technologies like pure six nines silver in a handmade Air String geometry with UEF Matrix Shielding taken directly from our Atmosphere X Series cables and a full Blue Fuse treatment to make these cables punch far above their weight class. When paired with our UEF Blue or Black AC Power Cords, you have an affordable loom with sonic performance enough for even six-figure stereo systems.

If you are like many audiophiles, perhaps you’ve never experienced a full loom of cables designed to work together because you felt they would be too expensive? Or perhaps you think your current cable mix-match is synergistic in your system? If so, now is the time to audition a full loom of Foundation cables with UEF Blue or Black power cords from Synergistic Research, and you’ll discover just what your system is truly capable of. We are so confident these are the best sounding cables in the world at their price points, we’re offering them through participating SR dealers and distributors with a full 30-day money-back guarantee. With Foundation cables, you can take your time and discover what the Synergistic Research house sound is all about. Foundation Series cables also blend perfectly with all current SR Series cables including Atmosphere X and Galileo SX so you can mix and match while staying true to the SR house sound of detail, air, sound staging and dynamics with an ultra-low noise floor. Foundation cables are also a solid foundation when employing other SR products that create synergy in acoustics, AC and Ground Filtration, and Component Isolation.


Customer thoughts:

WOW!!! Right out of the box absolutely remarkable. Let’s see what the fuses for my Maggie’s are going to do next. It was worth the wait. Thanks for all your help, Joe. - Neil, FL

Words cannot describe how incredible these speaker cables are. They have turned my entire system into absolute magic! I am floored! Jonathan Valin’s review was spot on. Rosen, FL