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T+A R 21 Pulsar Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

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Pulsar R 21
Bookshelf loudspeaker

The R 21

The new R 21 is the perfect alternative to the ST 21 floor-standing speaker for relatively small rooms and where speaker placement is difficult. Its high-quality cabinet is equally elegant, it is fitted with drive units of the same family, and its acoustic performance is similarly outstanding. This compact loudspeaker offers a tremendous dynamic range and spatial characteristics, and its low bass is accurate and powerful; the mid-range is peerless in terms of its natural, transparent quality. The R 21 sounds much larger than it really is.


After five years of production our Pulsar range of loudspeakers has been completely revised and significantly improved. The cabinets of both the ST 21 floor-stander and the R 21 shelf speaker now feature a new, more clearly defined design with greater net volume for enhanced low bass response. The new drive units are equipped with the very latest technological elements, including optimised magnetic field lines for better coupling of the vibrating components, lower distortion and higher efficiency. The crossover unit is accurately computed to match the drive units, the cabinet and the baffle.



 Bookshelf speaker 2-way, bass reflex

Power rating

 Nominal power rating 80 Watts

 Music power rating 120 Watts

 Impedance 4 Ohms

 Frequency range 40 - 30000 Hz

 Sensitivity 85 dB

Drive units

 Drive units bass  1 x 152 mm

 Drive units highrange 1 x 25 mm

 Crossover frequencies 2000 Hz


Dimensions H x W x D (Incl. terminal)

30 x 19 x 30 cm

Weight 7 kg


Rubbed lacquer black 12
Rubbed lacquer white 11

Technical modifications reserved