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Viola Labs

Viola Labs Cadence

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The Viola Cadence is a 200W per channel stereo power amplifier with an integral choke input filter type power supply. It incorporates many of the technology advances that were made during the development of the Vi0la Bravo power amplifier.

Like the Bravo, the Cadence is a virtuoso performer with excellent stereo imaging and reproduction of low level detail. The bottom end is extended and well controlled. A generously rated choke input power supply ensures that dynamics are reproduced without compression, even when driving difficult speakers.

Output Power Stereo Mode
200W per channel into 8 ohms
20 Hz to 20kHz, both channels driven, THD < 0.25%
400W per channel into 4ohms
20Hz to 20kHz, both channels driven, THD < 0.5%
Bridge Mode
800W into 8 ohms
1600W into 4 ohms
All power figures quoted are continuous average power
Output Mode AB2
Inputs per channel 2 XLR
Outputs per channel 2 pairs of WBT terminals
Frequency Response 10Hz to 20 kHz ± 0.15dB at 1W into 8 ohms
5Hz to 100kHz, -3dB at 1Winto 8 ohms
Power Bandwidth 5Hz to 100kHz +0, -3dB
SN Ratio -105db referenced to 200W
Dimensions 44.7cm W x 44.7cm H x 19.6cm D