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Wolf Audio Systems - Luna R Server

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The Luna’s second birthday is coming up, and we have decided to give it an upgrade. Sound, power and simplicity. Taking the advances and experience we’d acquired from the Alpha 3 SX, we’ve implemented them on a smaller scale for smaller systems. The Luna R is fast, it’s capable and it is our best sounding small form factor system yet. Stillpoints, eXemplar and Wolf technologies all in a single package make for a class-leading system you won't find anywhere else.

Wolf Audio Systems Luna R Music Server in black

High Fidelity Audio Servers

Pick the system configuration that is right for you

HFAS – The Luna starts here. Designed for the two-channel enthusiast importing their CD collection and getting started with Hi-Res Audio, this server sits right at the . The Luna power will become readily apparent to those upgrading from a standard streamer or headless device. Hold on tight. Be prepared to be blown away by the system speed, track switching and almost instantaneous responsiveness.

HFAS+ – If you are going to be playing High Bit-Rate DSD or MultiChannel audio and installing other 3rd party apps to use with Media Center, Roon or Audirvana, the Luna HFAS+ is a great place to start. Higher RAM and a bigger system drive improve the speed of the Wolf and can cache bigger files for playback. This is also the recommended configuration for users wanting to dabble with 4k video

HFAS+ Titan – This HFAS+ Titan server configuration is quite literally a pint-sized powerhouse. Multiple CPU cores give you the power and bandwidth for high sample rate multi-channel audio for DSD512 and beyond. In five years, it will still be fast, and you’ll still be very happy with your purchase. 32GB RAM and 500GB of 3.5 Gigabytes per second system drive. Play DSD to multiple DACs at once while sending a movie to the living room and browsing the web with 100 open tabs. Or just sit back and listen to some FLAC files, knowing that you could do any of this when you need to.