Earmen - Come in and Listen at House of Stereo

I met Miki Trosic, owner of Earmen and Auris Audio, at the Toronto Audiofest in 2019. He and I found a lot of common ground in our interests and tastes in music, Scotch, our industry and hardware design. Looking at his products I could see a brilliant mind at work, with particular attention paid to aesthetics and form. As I get better acquainted with his products, I find that Auris and Earman are positioned and priced very competitively with some of the larger brands, and with better sound.


Miki's and his teams' mission combined with the quality of their products is why we at House of Stereo are proud to announce a strategic partnership with Earmen, allowing us to bring new product offerings to a wider HiFi audience in North Florida and Southern Georgia. The world of headphones keeps growing and we want to help younger customers and people on the go enjoy high-end audio, and we can think of no better product than Earmen to fit the bill."

Earmen products can now be found on our website or in our store located at 3110 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville, FL 32207




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Earmen Colibri battery powered Premium Balanced DAC/Headphone amp/Preamp Earmen Eagle USB DAC + Headphone Amp Earmen Staccato Network Streamer
Earmen Tradutto Ultra Hi-Res Fully Balanced DAC Earmen CH-Amp, Desktop Fully Balanced Headphone Amp/Preamp Earmen Angel Headphone Amplifier / DAC