Projects In-Flight for 2022

Ocean View Audiophile: This project by the beach features a Hegel Integrated and Focal's Kanta 3 speakers, as well as a VPI turntable and Quadraspire rack. This room could easily feature in Architectural Digest and we could spend hours hanging out! 

St. Augustine Style: A simple, yet wonderful Hi-Fi stereo system! All smiles here with the Focal Kanta 2 and Hegel H590 integrated amplifier. All running with WireWorld cabling and Synergistic Research PowerCell 8 UEF power conditioner along with SR’s Purple Duplex outlet and Carbon Fiber Duplex Cover.


Blades In The living Room! This is an ongoing project we are especially proud of. One of the first pairs of KEF Blade 1 Meta's in-country went to this customer, and a full closet of Hegel, T+A, Arcam and more drives them. In addition, this home is getting a huge technology upgrades - WiFi, automation and more.  Would we live here and listen to tunes in this beautiful setting? Absolutely!  

Seamless Styling: It’s hard to beat a pair of Focal speakers. These 1000 ICLWCR6 speakers along with a pair of OD8 and 300 ICW8 are indeed rocking this house! With Synergistic Research cabling, Arcam AV41, Arcam PA240, Bluesound Node streaming, and URC smart home integration all tucked neatly in the beautiful BDI Corridor 8179, we’ve put a big smile on this customer’s face.