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House of Stereo is excited to announce that we are now dealers for Synergistic Research products. Synergistic Research is a California-based cable and accessories maker who have been in business for over 25 years, creating some of the most cutting edge cables, accessories and new technologies in the business. They hold a significant patent portfolio, and consistently drive some of the best rooms we hear at Audio Shows. That being said, House Of Stereo has a firm stance on product performance per dollar, and anyone wanting to do business with us must demonstrate in-person why their products or services deserve to be on our floor. That challenge was accepted and Synergistic came out with several steam trunks full of gear and spent a few days with us last week setting it all up and demonstrating their portfolio on our systems.

Synergistic Research Atmosphere Level 2 RCA cable

I’d like to leverage this post to introduce our readers to Waylon, our head of Custom Install and one of the most knowledgeable staff members we’ve had in years in all things room setup, tube amps, speaker optimization. Here are his brief impressions on his experience:

My experience with Synergistic Research components was both enlightening and a total surprise. I was one of the ‘guinea pigs’ for the Synergistic experiment, where we started with a base setup and added Synergistic tuning devices and room treatments gradually, while listening to each addition individually. We started with the High-Frequency Transducer (HFT) speaker kit, and the changes it made were both positive and easily audible. I was somewhat amazed that even small movements of the HFT near the tweeter could illicit noticeable changes.

High Frequency TransducerHFT Speaker KitHFT Wide Angle

Once we optimized the placement of the HFT’s, we experimented with the Black Box, used for low frequency room correction. The Black Box is an amazing solution for rooms where large bass traps or acoustic panels are not an option. We listened to the unit in various positions, and movements could make a dramatic difference, for the better or worse. When the Black Box was in the right spot, it cleared up bass guitar lines, and added more ‘propulsion’ and ‘drive’, while maintaining and focusing bass impact.

Synergistic Research Black Box

With Synergistic Research cabling, the ability of the various tuning modules to shape and tune the sound was somewhat uncanny. The system was easily more coherent and ‘together’ than it was without the Synergistic components, even though the cabling that was replaced was the best of the best, with some cables being significantly more expensive than the Synergistic that replaced them. Ultimately, my time with the Synergistic Cables have turned me into a believer.

-Waylon Truett

Ultimately, the role of a stereo shop is to provide customers with access to the very best components and Synergistic Research can impress and improve the systems of the newcomer and the veteran audiophile alike. Even their sub $1k accessories can have a big impact on your stereo, and hearing and experiencing is key. Stop in to hear a demonstration of what Synergistic can do for you! See more Synergistic Research products here!