The New House of Stereo is Open!

We are very happy to announce that the new House of Stereo location is open and doing business!  

After pausing for COVID, and pausing again during the supply chain crisis, this project has been a long time coming, but the wait has been worth it. 

Our new location features four dedicated sound rooms as well as a living room area and front entrance hall - all areas displaying high quality speakers and electronics at all price-points. Two channel audio enthusiasts have a lot to be excited about, with brands from all over the world on display and many newcomers to this region being introduced here at House Of Stereo.

Videophiles, movie buffs and multichannel enthusiasts will love our Living room - featuring an 85” MiniLED screen with Reference level in-wall and in-ceiling speakers by Focal, perfect for homes that don’t have on-floor speakers in the design aesthetic.  The biggest surprise that has been reserved for the grand opening is a 21 Channel theater leveraging Focal’s largest 1000 Series Reference drivers and subwoofers. We’ll be showing the theater off in a limited manner for now, but fully open by June.

Our new brands include Avantgarde Acoustics, Audio Research, Borresen Acoustics, Phasemation Audio, Aavik, Electrocompaniet, Ansuz, DS Audio and more – and are being demonstrated alongside our longtime brands like T+A, Hegel, and Focal (including their ultimate choice, the Grande Utopia).

Speaking of ultimate choices, an admittedly poorly kept secret is that House of Stereo has partnered with Focal-Naim to create a Focal Powered By Naim Experience Center (FPBN), officially opening in June, but available for demonstration now. Visit us here at House of Stereo to hear the best of Focal and Naim, starting with the Naim Uniti and Focal Theva and Vestia lines, and culminating with the Naim Statement and Focal Grand Utopia’s - a nearly $800k system in a purpose-built room that shows off the very best of English and French audio engineering. 

Our team is ready to welcome you and show you around!

The Grande Utopia EM EVO and Sopra 3 Speakers featured in our Focal room
Our living room area
Børresen Acoustics Z1 Cryo Edition Speaker
Our front of house
Savant Systems' in-wall touchscreen
Another aspect to House of Stereo that many of you are aware of is the Custom Install and Automation side of House of Stereo. We have selected Savant as our automation partner, using their technologies to drive Distributed Audio (also known as Whole-Home Audio), security, HVAC, power, lighting, access control, etc. Savant aggregates these multifaceted technologies into a single-app solution that can be controlled from a keypad, remote or an App on your phone or tablet, within the house or on the other side of the world. House of Stereo is one of the most technologically advanced showrooms in the world, displaying small aperture custom lighting solutions, advanced security technologies, power monitoring, storage and allocation. Our showroom - as with all of our installation projects is wired with 10-Gigabit ethernet, class-leading wireless networking and myriad other technologies and vendors. 
We've put a lot of time and careful planning into building a shop that will attract buyers from all over the world, and the early response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we're just getting started! We are awfully proud of what we have accomplished, and now it is time to share it with all of you. Join Us!
- Joe Parvey
House of Stereo
3110 Beach Blvd.
Jacksonville,  FL 32207
Focal Diablo Utopia bookshelf speakers
Gershman Acoustics Grand Avant Garde Speakers and our future CEO
Ansuz Cables, part of Audio Group Denmark
Our headphone area is under construction, but open for listening!
Pro-ject's X1B Balanced turntable
KEF LS50 Meta's paired with the HiFi Rose RS520 Integrated
Avantgarde Acoustics Duo GT active speakers with Phasemation electronics