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DS Audio

DS Audio DS E1 Cartridge

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Phono Cartridge

"The game changer"


"I think it could be the sixth biggest game-changer in cartridges in three decades.
The other five? its older siblings."
Hi Fi News Ken Kessler




Using vibration system of the same design as DS Master1 and DS-W2 and DS002 

DS-El has a wire suspension mechanism which is the same design as DS Master 1 and DS-W2 and DS002 By implementing it, you realize high channel separation and stable music playback.
Moreover, by arranging the position of the slit at the position close to the needle point, it is possible to retrieve information with higher freshness.



Aluminum Cantilever with Elliptical needle 

Like the more expensive DS Audio cartridges, the DS-E1 cartridge body is machined from aluminum and echoes their distinctive design for best optical performance. The DS 002 features an aluminum cantilever and Elliptical needle to accurately reproduce the music recorded on the vinyl record album. 


Enjoy The Music - Read More 

"If you enjoy the romantic, richly voiced presentation of a Koetsu Rosewood, the DS-E1's more even-handed approach may not float your boat. On the other hand, if you value sonic purity, supple textures, commanding bass reach, and impressive dynamic scaling, the DS-E1 will almost certainly tickle your fancy. Its transient fidelity, almost unparalleled quietude, and superb retrieval of low-level musical detail won me over. As I shared with Garth Leerer in a recent email, I am keeping the DS-E1 as my new reference. It represents shockingly good value in a world where five-figure cartridges no longer shock, and it sounds great.
A product of the year candidate for sure. Very highly recommended." - Maurice Jeffries


HiFi New & Second Review - DS Audio DS-E1 Cartridge - Read More 

"What can I say? Being offered this level of performance at a fraction of the cost of what came before is a godsend at a time when most high-end brands seem blissfully unaware that value-for-money matters more now than it has for decades. If the thought of a radical change in technology doesn’t scare you, the DS-E1 provides the chance to hear your LPs as you’ve never imagined. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief" - Ken Kessler


The Audio Beatnik - DS Audio E1 Optical Cartridge System - Read More

"I have heard cartridges with more depth as I mentioned earlier. I have heard cartridges with a bit more open and extended/airy top end. I have heard cartridges with a bit less congestion/compression in the upper mids when things get complex. However, as you ascend the DS Audio line some of the above-mentioned comments drop off of the list. This cartridge’s minor issues are subtractive in nature, and they are only noticeable in comparison to some very high-priced competition." - Ken Redmond


The Cartridge Dude - Read More

"A new benchmark - "It would be easy to call the DS Audio E1 optical cartridge and equalizer a benchmark at the $3k price point. I think that it’s easily a benchmark at twice, maybe even three times that price. If that doesn’t qualify for one of our Exceptional Value Awards, I don’t know what does. I haven’t had this much fun with a cartridge in a very long time." 


DS-E1 Optical Cartridge

 Signal output Photo-electric Conversion
Channel separation 24db more (1kHz)
Weight 8.1g
Output signal level 50mV more
Canti-lever Alminum
Body material Alminum
Needle pressure 1.6g~1.8g(1.7g is recommended)
Stylus Elliptical Needle