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75 W stereo power amplifier

The most affordable ULTIMA-technology stereo power amplifier in the portfolio, BerTTi delivers next-generation ULTIMA topology for less.



BerTTi is a fully balanced 75-watt stereo power amplifier benefitting from the latest ULTIMA dual-feed-forward topology. Extending the range of ULTIMA-technology Chord Electronics amplifiers, BerTTi makes full use of advanced error-correction technology which monitors and immediately corrects signals before the output stage for astonishing accuracy and unrivalled fidelity from a compact-chassis device.

BerTTi features both balanced and unbalanced inputs, high-quality gold-plated loudspeaker outputs, plus a 10 A IEC power inlet. Further features include two modified power supplies for increased performance, plus an additional auxiliary power rail for the front end, which provides extra voltage to drive the custom-made MOSFETs.

British-built, BerTTi brings the next-generation ULTIMA topology to the ground-breaking Table Top (TT) range. When combined with the resolving power of the award-winning Hugo TT 2 DAC/preamp, the duo offers new levels of sonic performance from a small system. The addition of the Hugo M Scaler upscaler, with the ability to upscale audio to 705.6 kHz, 16x CD’s native resolution, makes the three-box system truly class-leading.



  • 1x stereo pair of balanced XLRs
  • 1x stereo pair of gold-plated unbalanced RCA


  • 1x pair of gold-plated speaker terminals


  • Trickle down ULTIMA tech
  • Dual feed-forward error correction
  • Fully balanced system
  • HF Switch mode power supply
  • Proprietary MOSFET
  • Compact design
  • Solid Aluminium Chassis



  • Bertti Quickstart guide
  • Safety instructions
  • 10A Mains IEC cable


Chord Electronics BerTTi Power Amplifier Review - Read More

"Chord Electronics' new BerTTi is an excellent new power amplifier. One that offers attractive yet compact and ergonomic styling allied to serious punching power and a highly musical disposition. Although it is beaten by some rivals in outright power terms, there is still a great deal to like about its styling, ease of use and, of course, sound. It's an ideal match for the company's superb, class-leading Hugo TT2 DAC, but will also shine brightly wherever it makes its home." - DAVID PRICE

Chord Electronics’ Hugo Table Top range review - Read More

"While these amps may be table top in size, they’re more than full-width in sonic stature. As as a stepping stone into Chord Electronics’ way of doing things they are bang on point, with cutting edge internals and styling that bucks the boring trend. The Hugo TT 2 is the obvious place to start as a standalone DAC or preamp with a difference, while adding BerTTi makes perfect sense for a partnership with plenty of dynamics and detail. And for many this would see them right for years. Just be careful when demoing the M Scaler alongside it, as once you’ve heard what it brings to the table from lesser recordings you’ll not wont want to go back. And on that basis all three come highly recommended." - ANDREW SIMPSON

Chord progression - Read More

"Not for the first time, context is everything. TToby has comfortably seen off numerous power amp alternates I’ve hooked up to the Hugo TT2, leaving me to conclude it doesn’t get much better, and with it back in situ after the departure of BerTTi, I still believe that. But the plain fact is if BerTTi represents the future, I’ve heard it, and it works wonders l" -  David Vivian



Chord Electronics BerTTi Power Amplifier Review - Read More

"Well this has been an incredibly enjoyable review and as you can tell I absolutely love the new BerTTi amplifier from Chord Electronics, I love HiFi that comes in the smaller form and this is the perfect example of how it should be done. The new BerTTi will fit into systems where space is a premium but not at the expense of quality and as long as your partnering equipment is of high enough calibre it will allow your music to be heard in full but with the Hugo TT2 and M Scaler the performance is of the highest quality and gives you the ultimate high fidelity to your music !

The Speaker Shack awards the new BerTTi Stereo Amplifier with an Editors Choice Award and is another incredible product from this exceptional British brand of HiFi." - Thespeakershacks

Chord Electronics BerTTi Power Amplifier - Read More

"I think BerTTi will prove to be a very popular product for Chord Electronics, especially for Hugo TT2 users who do not want to give up a significant part of their living space to house their music system. BerTTi sounds far bigger and weightier than its size might suggest.

Musically, it was never less than enjoyable, and you would have to make compromises elsewhere to beat it, not least financially. I was impressed at how fast, uncluttered and dynamic the music sounded, without any unwanted brightness or forwardness. A valve or Class A amp may sound sweeter and organic, but you are unlikely to get the same kind of power, dynamic range, or bass control for similar money without other compromises." - Chris Baillie

Chord Electronics BerTTi - Read More

"It’s able to create a large, organised and persuasive soundstage, too, locking individual elements of a recording in place but allowing them to interact with all the others at the same time. It makes it easy to identify specific strands of a recording, but the positivity of its layout is such that the sensation of ‘performance’ is tangible – even if a recording is as much about silences and absences as it is the actual occurrences.
In all honesty, BerTTi is an overspecified overachiever if it’s truly to be considered a ‘table-top’ device. But as is surely apparent by now, Chord Electronics isn’t about to let considerations regarding appropriate applications get in the way of either its ability to engineer an extraordinarily accomplished stereo power amplifier nor the opportunity to give it an inane name" - Simon Lucas


Output Power 75 W into 8 Ω
Frequency Range 5 Hz-100 kHz +/- 0.5 dB
THD 0.008%
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
87 dB (A-weighted)
Input Impedance 100kΩ Unbalanced/Balanced
Input impedance 0.78 V
Dimensions 59 mm (H) 235 mm (W) 256 mm (D)
Weight 3.75kG