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Chord Electronics

Chord Ultima 6

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180W Stereo Power Amplifier

Innovative clean-power technologies and custom components within our stereo power amplifiers are what have propelled the Chord ULTIMA series to legendary status in and outside the recording studio. Their ability to instantaneously react and deliver sheer power, whilst maintaining transparency and incredibly low distortion leaves you with nothing but a masterpiece.



The ULTIMA 6 currently offers the most affordable way into our next-generation ULTIMA family of stereo power amplifiers. It builds upon its award-winning predecessor, the SPM 1050 MK II, adding our ground-breaking next-generation ULTIMA amplifier topology.

The new 180-watt model, which benefits from John Franks’ ground-breaking dual-feed-forward circuit delivers a lightning-fast response coupled with effortless power for astonishing dynamics and timing, delivering unrivalled fidelity.

30-years-in-the-making, our new dual-feed-forward topology offers breakthrough performance and is our first all-new circuit in three decades. ULTIMA amplifiers have been engineered for the very finest hi-fi systems; ULTIMA is the ultimate expression of the finest high-performance, ultra-fast, high-power amplifier technology available today.

The ULTIMA 6 has an incredible 16 proprietary MOSFET power devices which demand the most advanced and refined drive circuitry, featuring an ultra-low-distortion, high-voltage amplifier operating at very high speed: 300 volts per microsecond.

Our TO3-style dual-die lateral-matched MOSFETs are continuously monitored with output stage error-correction circuitry and feature fully balanced input circuitry with DC-tracking servos and full temperature compensation.

ULTIMA  6 shares the same DNA as the flagship and reference-level monos, yet benefits from greater practicality and affordability, due to a differing power output.

Our renowned aircraft-grade solid aluminium casework offers a reassuringly high-end and entirely non-resonant enclosure for the electronics and is presented with a redesigned 28-mm-thick fascia featuring John Franks’ latest aesthetic.

A recessed spherical polycarbonate power button illuminates for standby and operation modes and a discreet, hidden front panel switch, located in the vertical split line, enables dimmable lighting.

The amplifier’s rear panel contains both balanced and unbalanced connections, high-quality loudspeaker terminals, a 12 V trigger and a C-19-type IEC.



  • Class AB Sliding Bias
  • HF Switch Mode Power Supply
  • Proprietary Chord MOSFETs
  • Fully Balanced Circuitry
  • Convection Cooled
  • Balanced XLR Inputs
  • Unbalanced RCA Inputs
  • 12v Trigger On/Off Input
  • Included Top Light Ring
  • Solid Aluminium Chassis



 ULTIMA 6 Quickstart guide

 Safety instructions

 15A Mains IEC cable



Chord Electronics use their own custom output devices in the new Ultima 6 power amplifier

"Ultima 6 is a very interesting amplifier, technologically and sonically. Vastly powerful at 300W per channel our measurements revealed, it has a sense of unstrained power of the ultra-clean variety. With deep insight giving fantastic detail it demands use with the company’s Dave DAC to show its mettle. Not a cheap combo but certainly amongst the best at any price" - Hi-Fi World


Chord Ultima Pre 3 and Ultima 6 Power Amplifier REVIEW

"It was the comparative listening testing with other really very good components that showed to me just how accomplished this Chord Ultima Pre and power setup is. It is stunningly good, I don’t know what else to say other than that. I know these were not exhaustive comparative tests, but it seemed to me that the Chord pre really complements the Chord power and combined with an all-Chord digital front end seemed to all sonically synergise better and bring out more performance than the sum of its parts alone." - Steve Crowe



Inputs 1x Stereo Pair of Gold Plated Balanced XLR Inputs

1x Stereo Pair of Gold Plated Unbalanced RCA Inputs

1x 12v Trigger Input – Chord Electronics Auto Start

Outputs 1x Pair of High Quality, High Current, Gold Plated Type Speaker Terminals
Output Power 180W RMS per channel  into 8Ω
Power consumption Full power – 1500 W, Standby – 10 W
THD 0.005%
Frequency Response -1dB – 0.5Hz – 100kHz
Gain 30dB
Dimensions with included Integra Legs 18cm (H) x 48cm (W) x 36cm (D)
Dimensions with optional Side Blocks 15cm (H) x 42cm (W) x 36cm (D)
Weight 22.4kG