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Focal Stellia Headphones

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The benchmark in closed hi-fi headphones

With its exclusive drivers, Stellia pushes the boundaries of acoustics. It offers uncompromising sound performance, for top-quality listening at home and on the move. This innovation is highlighted by the use of high-quality materials and refined aesthetics.











Stellia is equipped with exceptional loudspeakers - pure Beryllium M-dome - combined with innovative technologies, delivering exceptional sound dynamics for closed-back headphones. The reproduction of the tiniest sound nuances is assured, and vocals are strikingly realistic.







Every Stellia component is developed with excellence in mind. With its acoustic processing system, Stellia delivers extremely precise sound. Its unsupported coil, combined with the properties of beryllium, provides a moving element of incomparable lightness. The result is reproduction of the finest detail, unconditional respect for dynamics and uncompromising tonal balance. Stellia pushes back the acoustic limits of the best closed-back headphones, setting a new benchmark.






Like the full-grain leather and its two distinguished finishes (cognac and mocha), the design of the Stellia headphones is also a benchmark. It incorporates the headband and yoke mechanics developed for Utopia. The constant curvature between these two elements offers flawless comfort, whatever the size of the head or shape of the face. This comfort is further enhanced by the shape-memory ear pads, full-grain leather headband and solid aluminum yoke.





These headphones need a running-in period to reach full performance. This will happen naturally after several hours of listening. If you wish to accelerate the process, we recommend that you play them for at least 24 hours at a relatively high volume level, on tracks rich in low frequencies. This will stabilize the loudspeakers and enable you to enjoy your headphones to the full.



Stellia comes with a leatherette cabinet in the headphones' colors, cognac and mocha, hi-fi cables suitable for home and portable use, and a carrying case. An optional stand is available for elegantly displaying the headphones at home.









The finesse of every sound detail

For fine reproduction of sound detail, Focal engineers have developed and patented electrodynamic loudspeakers with a pure Beryllium "M" dome.M" dome drivers in pure Beryllium, capable of working at low volume while offering a very extended frequency response (5 Hz - 40 kHz). Manufactured in our workshops in France, these loudspeakers reproduce every musical detail. The vents, the EVA foam placed behind the loudspeakers to absorb high frequencies, the acoustic diffusers to break up standing waves for interference-free sound reproduction: within the earpieces, all Focal innovation is placed at the service of sound.







Key elements for hi-fi sound

At the heart of Focal's business and expertise: the loudspeaker. While the diaphragm is an essential component, other elements also play a vital role in hi-fi sound reproduction. For our top-of-the-range closed-back headphones, Focal engineers have worked hard to develop a new surround system and a copper coil with no support, for exceptional dynamics and reproduction of the tiniest sound nuances.





The importance of ear pads

Isolation is an essential parameter in headphones. For closed-back headphones, our engineers take into account all the parameters that promote this isolation, right down to the role that ear pads can play on closed-back headphones. Thus, 50% of the height of the ear pads is dedicated to sound diffusion via full-grain, non-perforated leather, and 50% is dedicated to audio signal absorption via an acoustic fabric opening onto memory foam.





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"In absolute terms, we still think the open-backed Utopias sound better – they’re just that bit more transparent and subtle. But if you must have a closed design, these Stellias are arguably the best we’ve heard." - What Hi-Fi?



"This review became a lot longer than I planned. Partly it was because the Stellia responded so differently to pads, but also because I kept having mixed feelings about it. It is a great sounding headphone but sometimes serious flaws are exposed. These flaws are mostly fixed with 3rd party pads and a good amplifier match. 

As I am sitting here listening to the Stellia from the ADI-2 DAC FS, it is highly freakin’ enjoyable. So what if the bass could be tighter and the soundstage bigger? It is a pleasure to listen to the Stellia and in the end that’s what it’s all about. "

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"Yes, to us mere mortals, the Stellia are near absurdly expensive for a pair of headphones. However, they deliver the goods. I’m never going to buy a new Bentley, but I imagine the experience is the same. True luxury costs a significant amount of money, but that’s part of the experience. To be considered the very best, you can justify the price tag."


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" The Stellia has a soundstage that seems as if there were elements inside smaller spaces within the sound panorama that can individually image independently."


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"Stellia’s target market is difficult to define. The $3K price-tag warrants only the seriously committed, with beaucoup-de disposable income. But the committed hi-fi headphone consumer is already covered in this price range with Focal’s most premium choice, Utopia. So, Stellia is looking for a subcategory of that audience, someone who needs Utopia-style, no-holds-barred sound quality in a low-impedance, closed-back package for potential mobile use, or for listening at home without disturbing your environment with sound leakage. So, Stellia is for a niche category of consumer only.

But, of one thing there can be no doubt - Stellia is going to provide our difficult-to-define target market with unsurpassed comfort and acoustic detail, in a uniquely fashionable headphone that will go perfectly with any earth-tone ensemble. " - Wayde Robson


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"The Focal Stellias sound absolutely fantastic. Their wide-open soundstage and detailed, accurate sound treatment means they make any genre of music sound brilliant." -  Olivia Tambini


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"With every review of headphones or earphones I write, I always find something to complain about. Sometimes it’s minor, sometimes it’s major, but there’s always something. Not this time. Plug the Focal Stellias into anything you’ve got on hand, use them wherever you want, play whatever music you want, and they’ll sound fantastic. While I know the Stellias will thrill audiophiles, I think Focal’s greatest achievement is that the Stellias will also thrill well-heeled non-audiophiles -- the kind of people who don’t want to be told they need some exotic amplifier, and who don’t want to hear excuses about why their headphones don’t deliver realistic bass levels. " - Brent Butterworth


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"The Stellia provides the listener with a smoothness one does not often get with this level of clarity and detail. Combining all of those traits in one headphone is a laudable goal, and one that Focal has met beyond expectations. Finishing this review while listening to “Don’t You Forget About Me,” from Simple Minds and the seminal song from “Breakfast Club.” I certainly will not forget about the Stellia." - L. Miller

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"Meanwhile, I’ll be listening to the Focal Stellia as much as I can, basking in its magnificence.” - Scott Wilkinson





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"With an impressive sound, fantastic details, and a premium presentation, the Focal Stellia gives the French powerhouse another slam dunk.  Despite unfair comparisons to Focal’s open-back headphone, the Stellia still manages to stand on its own as an impressive option at $2999 – especially where isolation and an extended low-end are must-have features."  - Carroll Moore


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"The Focal Stellia closed-back headphones cost a small fortune but they are the best dynamic closed-back headphones I’ve heard to date. The build quality of these headphones is exceptional, as is the design, color, and presentation. While out of my price bracket, I can absolutely understand why audiophiles who don’t want to compromise while listening to music through headphones wouldn’t buy these. The Stellia are the last word in headphone luxury and performance. I thoroughly enjoyed my week of evaluation and was sad to see them go. If you have $3,000 to spare and you are in the market for a new pair of headphones, don’t hesitate." - Mark Sparrow


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"I’m not surprised Dave liked them as much as he did because they are incredible. For my taste, they were precision over interpretation, but while that sounds like I’m not convinced, I actually am. Because since I’ve gotten them when I hear a piece of music, I think “I wonder what that will sound like on the Stellias,” and that’s because like Esther Perel’s, I trust they’ll tell me where to begin.

Agreed with Dave, the Focal Stellia and Arche are worth their weight." - Nan Pincus




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"That is quite an achievement, as the Lambda Pro set a high-water mark for headphones to measure up to. The Stellia also build on the traditional strengths of close back phones, as the bass region is powerful, tight, and transparent. Furthermore, these headphones have a primal aspect to its makeup, capable of channeling the ever-changing eddies of energy and dynamic contrasts within a song. If you are seriously considering a pair of top of the line closed back headphones you should give the Stellia a serious audition. Every aspect of these phones has been carefully designed, and you appreciate this attention to detail when you first slip them on your head. When the music starts, I do believe you will get lost in some incredible sound." - John Hoffman


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"The Focal Stellia is not only a luxuriously designed headphone, it's also hands-down the best performing closed-back headphone I've ever heard, no matter the musical genre. For me, the Stellia's combination of luxury design and materials, along with its unparalleled sound quality, justifies its luxury price. I found the Stellia to be beyond reproach from a sonics perspective, exhibiting a linear response across the audio spectrum." - Bob Barrett






 Sound - Acoustics

Product type Closed-back headphones
Loudspeakers 15/8" (40mm) pure Beryllium ‘M’-shaped dome
Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 5 Hz – 23 kHz
Harmonic distortion rate 0.1 % @ 1kHz / 100 dB SPL
Impedance 35 Ω
Maximum SPL (peak@1m) 106 dB SPL


Weight 435 g / 0.96 lb


Carrying case depth 120 mm / 4.75 in
Carrying case included Yes
Carrying case height 250 mm / 9.87 in
Carrying case width 240 mm / 9.5 in
Cables provided • 1 x 4ft (1.2m) Jack 1/8" (3.5mm) cable
• 1 x 10ft (3m) 4-pin XLR cable
• 1 x Jack adapter 1/8" (3.5mm) female – 1/4" (6.35mm) male


Jack (6.35mm)

Jack (6.35mm)

XLR 4 pin