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Focal Sub Utopia Em Colour Evo

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Stackable high-definition subwoofer

The Sub Utopia EM Colour Evo subwoofer is the ultimate Utopia building block. It is the perfect complement to the Viva Utopia Colour Evo multi-channel loudspeaker, and matches all the other models in the range, both sonically and aesthetically. An excellent audio product for music lovers and those who aspire to perfect listening quality.










The Sub Utopia EM Colour Evo is a passive version without electronics, organized around a 33 cm woofer with an electromagnetic motor that propels the sound through a powerful loudspeaker (frequency response 22 Hz to 500 Hz).



The secret behind the Utopia Sub? It's designed to be stacked (up to 3 subwoofers) to meet every power requirement. The power of EM technology, but with Utopia class.



This subwoofer benefits from Focal's Utopia technologies: "W" technology woofer for defined bass, large-diameter double front port limiting airflow noise and distortion, anti-vibration Gamma Structure...





Perfectly defined midrange and bass

By developing and manufacturing its own membranes, Focal pushes the limits of innovation in acoustics. The sandwich "W" membrane of the loudspeakers plays an essential role in sound reproduction. It consists of two sheets of glass placed on either side of a central foam body; a sandwich construction that enables us to master the three key parameters of a good loudspeaker: lightness, rigidity and damping. This flagship membrane of Focal know-how perfectly optimizes the frequency response curve, providing low distortion and total listening transparency. Sound is the ultimate in precision.





An anti-vibration cabinet

As the surface area of a loudspeaker cabinet is greater than that of the loudspeaker diaphragms, it can radiate sounds that are distorted by the resonances of the cabinet structure. This alters reproduction and blurs the sound image. To prevent such "interference", it is essential that the cabinet is as inert as possible, that it is not emissive. At Focal, we use MDF (Medium Density Fiber) to achieve this inertia. This stable, heavy structure is anti-vibration. It has been optimized by vibratory mapping of the loudspeaker walls to reinforce or modify the structure wherever a weak point appeared.








Sound - Acoustics

Product type Filable passive subwoofer
Loudspeakers Electro-Magnetic 13" (33cm) “W” bass driver
Response at - 6dB (Low frequency point) 19 Hz
Frequency response (+/- 3dB) 22 Hz - 500 Hz


Depth 622 mm / 24.5 in
Height 634 mm / 25.94 in
Width 483 mm / 19 in
Weight 483 mm / 19 in


Grids Removable woofer grilles