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PIEGA Master Line Source 3

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An elegant dipole speaker with a supreme level of detail that transforms your living room into a concert hall.

















For perfect harmony between all components, tweeter, and midrange have been arranged on one level. The MLS 3 features four meticulously handcrafted line source ribbons.


Two 180 mm UHQD basses and two UHQD passive cones provide a bass reproduction perfectly tuned to the ribbons.


The acoustic lenses diffuse the rear sound extensively, allowing you to place this dipole speaker in the room like a conventional loudspeaker.


Swiss industrial designer Stephan Hürlemann created the combination of timeless aesthetics and advanced technology for the Master Line Source 3.






For real music lovers.







Natural voice reproduction is the supreme discipline in loudspeaker design. One particular challenge lies in the detailed reproduction of rapid impulses. Since our beginnings, we have relied on ribbon systems to master this task. In simple terms, a ribbon is a wafer-thin foil membrane that produces sound through its vibration. The originality lies in its combination with strong magnets, transforming it into the actual driver. The membranes are caused to vibrate evenly over the entire surface and can thus be kept extremely light. The lighter the membrane, the more precision.

The ribbons of the Master loudspeakers are designed with a linear source, the sound waves radiating along a straight line and spreading cylindrically into the room without bouncing off the ceiling or the floor. For the Master Line Source 3, we have arrayed as many as four ribbons vertically to form a genuine line.  Four ribbons, four times more passion!

The result: unparalleled accuracy that impresses even the most sensitive ears.







The MLS 3 is a dipole speaker radiating to the front and the rear simultaneously, distributing the sound evenly throughout the room. The rear acoustic lenses ensure a completely diffuse sound field behind the speaker, allowing for the speaker to be placed close to a wall. This dipole system puts you right into the center of the musical action.






PIEGA’s Master series was developed on the shores of Lake Zurich and is characterized by the highest precision and outstanding craftsmanship. The products are assembled by an experienced team led by Daniel Raymann. Daniel has worked for PIEGA since 1998 and brings his many years of expertise and passion for quality to every product. The combination of Swiss handcraft and technological perfection guarantees a unique sound experience.




Gabriel Meyer is a classical pianist and hi-fi enthusiast from Switzerland. Being a professional musician, he has dedicated his life to music and audio quality. In this video, he talks about his personal experience with the Master Line Source 3.





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"No, mediocre productions don‘t suddenly become thrilling sonic gems, but when Bob Dylan goes on his rant about „False Prophets,“ it comes across as very intense and convincing in all its aggression and dirtiness. This is probably, in a large part, due to the skillful interplay between the ribbons and the woofers. It is also fascinating to hear the extent to which the concept of the dampable lamellas and thus the change from dipole to direct speaker succeeds. The tonality remains the same, the bass seems even a touch drier, although it is not subjected to any change from a technical point of view. The sound image becomes somewhat narrower and flatter, ultimately more direct than before, but the performance continues to convince with an extraordinary airiness. With all these capabilities, the Piega MLS 3 shows that it rightly holds a claim to be among the world‘s best. No competitor can be found that looks better, is more flexible in its placement, and takes up less space at the same time."


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"The MLS3 analyzes the musical texture even in hectic, dense passages with maximum nonchalance and seems to be asking me the whole time whether I want to go one step further. I do that, but for the sake of my ears, only up to what feels like the original volume. And I enjoy the wide and deeply staggered spaces that the Piega projects into my listening room, as if it could simply dissolve the stone walls. There is also a lot of timbre splendor in the lyrical Adagio passages. The fact that the MLS3 presents individual sound events in front of me with such sharp definitions, as if they had been created by Tintin creator Hergé with strong pressure using a drawing pen, is part of the chameleon-like versatility that is actually common to all Piega creations that I know of. The fact that so much euphony no longer has to remain a dream, even in normal-sized rooms, is a gift, without question."


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"It was also a lot of fun with large orchestras, delicate singer-songwriters and crisp pop from Yello's Swiss compatriots. The slim floor-standing speaker was also able to deliver really wide and deep bass, and it unleashed dynamics in an uplifting, effortless manner. But alas, she was presented with the wonderful art rock record “Hemispheres” by Rush from 1978 or the new, musically wonderful prog rock production “Wasteland” by Riverside. Then, while still maintaining the fun factor, she made it abundantly clear what mediocre material she was dealing with in terms of sound. Spare yourself and these speakers a verdict of mediocrity. Both in terms of electronics and recordings. Treat yourself and the speakers to something – and you will win a noble dream converter."


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"The MLS 3 has years of experience with speakers behind it
Line source and dipole radiation. Although the MLS 3 is basically a slightly smaller MLS 2, it is completely redesigned. Due to the narrower front, new ribbon mid-high frequency drivers had to be developed and built. When designing the complex housing made of wood and aluminum with its rear-mounted acoustic lens, attention was paid to ensuring maximum freedom from unwanted vibrations. The acoustic lens ensures that an absolutely diffuse sound field is created behind the speaker. The considerable weight of 65 kg proves that no savings were made on materials." 




DIMENSIONS H 165 x W 23 x D 33 cm
WEIGHT 65 kg
DESIGN PRINCIPLE Dipole 3-way system with acoustic lens
EQUIPMENT 4 x Line Source Drivers, 111 2 x 18 cm UHQD basses, 2 x 18 cm UHQD passive radiators
CONNECTIONS Bi-Wiring/PIEGA multi-connectors
VERSIONS Baffle in silver anodised aluminium, cabinet painted silver, speaker cover silver. Baffle in black anodised aluminium, cabinet painted high-gloss black, speaker cover black. Baffle in white, cabinet painted high-gloss white, speaker cover white or black. Baffle in black anodised aluminium, cabinet in Zebrano matt veneer speaker cover black. Special design variants upon request.