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Synergistic Research

Synergistic Research FEQ Carbon: Frequency Equalizer

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FEQ Carbon

Next stop, the Twilight Zone.

Imagine listening to Charlie Parker at Birdland, then walk into Carnegie Hall and getting seated in the best seats in the house. This is possible when you add Atmosphere to your listening room. No other technology allows you to tailor the size and scale of your soundstage with stunning realism, to portray the music and venue you are experiencing accurately. The Synergistic Research FEQ Carbon is a third-generation, two-channel acoustic field generator.  New to the FEQ Carbon is a wholly redesigned PCB with dual RF generators. The first function of the redesign was to provide the ability to create different wave shapes, and the second was the addition of a 2nd, independently controlled ULF generator channel.  This is similar to what has been used in the SR Atmosphere Infinity but is the first FEQ to have this ability, which meant 100’s of hours in the listening room finding the perfect combination of options and settings.  Next was the new carbon fiber chassis.  Not only cosmetically beautiful, but the carbon fibre chassis also improves the broadcast of ULF frequencies through its conductive weave. As a result, layering, three-dimensionality, and holographic realism are much improved over all single frequency FEQ’s of the past decade.  In some aspects, the FEQ Carbon even outperforms the much larger and more complex Synergistic Research Atmosphere Infinity as we have isolated two different frequency combinations that represent a near-perfect yin and yang with focus and clarity on acoustic recordings and a more holographic soundstage on recordings mastered to convey a large and enveloping sound field. 


Two frequency bias, one perfect sound. 

Blue Frequency: voiced for acoustic instruments, vocals, and smaller-scale performances.  

Note: FEQ Carbons manufactured before 12-5-2022 had this setting as red

Red Frequency: convincingly portrays large-scale performances and electronic music.  

Note: FEQ Carbons manufactured before 12-5-2022 had this setting as purple


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$1895.00 230v




“OK folks - we all know that when a newer, updated version of a familiar product is released, often it’s met with a bit of skepticism and possibly doubt.  So when during a recent email exchange with Andy Wiederspahn (i.e., SR’s right-hand person), followed quickly by a phone call, he mentioned that the former FEQ X4 unit had been recently updated and he’d like to know if I’d be interested in checking it out.  Also, being aware of the positive effects of the now discontinued unit, my response was — absolutely. Anyway - what I wasn’t prepared to experience is something that totally caught me off guard. Without question, once installed in my reference system and per instruction - left turned on for an initial period for the unit to settle in and acclimate to my listening environment - the newer FEQ Carbon unit immediately let me know it’s ability by providing a noticeable improvement over the older unit.

First and foremost, the FEQ Carbon device simply helped to more completely saturate the entire sound field and by enhancing the sensation of openness and dimensionality including width, height and depth. Additionally, my listening room took on the proverbial sensation of the walls simply falling away.  Beyond this - the sound simply poured forth more effortlessly and natural than before.  Interestingly, in addition to the immediately noticeable enhanced organic texture to both voice and instruments, the bass became a bit more robust, not in a negative, forward-sounding way, but with enhanced impact and umph. Throughout the midrange - there was a greater sense of presence and with a wonderful sense of fullness.  Bottomline - the new FEQ Carbon literally impacted (and enhanced) the entire frequency spectrum and in a most enjoyably musical manner.” - Review forthcoming

Bill Wells - Stereotimes - November 2021

Full Review



FEQ Carbon - Acoustic Field Generator

A/B recodings


We recommend listening with your high-end headphones or download the hi-rez audio files to listen through your audio system.  In-home auditions are available from your Synergistic Research dealer.



Download to listen on your high resolution audio system

FEQ Carbon A/B Audio - Download
FEQ Carbon OFF Full Track - Download
FEQ Carbon ON RED Full Track - Download
FEQ Carbon ON PURPLE Full Track - Download



The Sun and RF Propagation on Earth 

There are three major disturbances on the Sun that affect radio propagation here on Earth. Solar Flares, Coronal Holes, and Sudden Disappearing Filament (SDF). Each disturbance causes both electromagnetic radiation and ejection of material from the Sun that alters RF on Earth. What we looked at was how each of these disturbances affects our RF environment during the day vs. late at night with the intention to mimic late-night conditions to improve sound mid-day.



Synergistic Research Ground Block and Tranquility UEF LPS

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