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T+A Solitaire S 430 Floor-Standing Speakers

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Solitaire S 430

Floor-standing speaker

The S 430

The entry into our world of High-End reference loudspeakers is the Solitaire S 430, which effortlessly solves the contradiction between appearance, construction and maximum audiophile performance. This manages by combining the constructional advantages of a conventional loudspeaker design with the performance of the Symmetric Directivity mid-range system - developed specifically for this application - and our new magnetostatic treble driver. The design of the mid-range / treble unit, consisting of two newly developed 15 cm mid-range units with a concentric 5 cm treble driver, considerably reduces the influences of the listening room. This technology makes it far more than an entry-level model for the Solitaire series: it becomes the next step in a new class.



Mag50 In-house treble driver

The core of the Solitaire S 430 is the hand-made Mag50 magnetostat, which has been developed and produced entirely in Herford. Although fundamentally based on the TPM 3100 and TPM 2500 headphone transducers, this unit incorporates a large number of innovative developments which make it more than just a unique member of the T+A magnetostat family: it really stands as a symbol of our love of music and our belief in science for the best possible reproduction of sound. Its internal construction consists of a WaveArray conductor - developed specifically for this application - whose conductive aluminium is etched onto a carrier film using a photo-chemical process. The slightly undulating course of the conductors is carefully calculated to prevent harmful linear modes. A Draft Control System, adopted from the Solitaire P-SE and modified for use in loudspeakers, ensures that the flow characteristics in the Mag50 are efficient, and turbulence at the magnets is minimised, so that even the tiniest negative influences are eliminated. In spite of its length of just 50 millimetres, the ten magnets - arranged in two rows - of the Mag50 constantly deliver ample drive power for impressive sound levels, while the harmful distortion normally generated by small magnetostats is eliminated before it can develop, by the deliberate modulation of the magnetic field and refined damping and absorber measures. In terms of sound quality the Mag50 offers the precision, speed and resolution of an electrostat, but without the need for a supplementary power supply.

Bass Systems

Every T+A product is designed to reproduce music in exactly the way devised by the artistes, and as recorded by the sound engineers, without adding or subtracting anything. To complete this task the Solitaire S 430 is equipped with two newly developed long-throw bass drivers. These aluminium drive units, each with a diameter of 22 centimetres, are incorporated in the cabinet in a distinctive but elegant way. They are protected by our StarStabilizer technology against natural frequencies and diaphragm break-up even at extremely high travels. All the moving components and magnet systems are of such sophisticated construction that they remain stable against non-linearities even at the absolute extremes. A large cross-section bass reflex system, precisely calculated to match the cabinet volume and chassis parameters, ensures outstandingly good low bass reproduction, which is remarkable for this size of cabinet. All these innovations combine to provide a very powerful bass foundation as well as extremely precise, dry and natural reproduction of the entire low bass range - even at very high levels.

Symmetric Directivity System

Regardless of whether you are an enthusiast or just an occasional listener: you can rely on T+A loudspeakers to focus on natural sound and music reproduction true to the original. Therefore, the entire mid- and treble range are transmitted by a system consisting of two aluminum mid-range drivers and a concentric magnetostatic tweeter. This system, which we term Symmetric Directivity, combines dynamic advantages with a well-defined sound dispersion behaviour. By using two 15 cm Star Stabilizer midrange drivers, the excursion of each individual chassis is halved, the distortion factor is reduced, and the linearity is increased. The precisely calculated control of the mid-range drivers and the Mag50 tweeter by the FSR crossovers significantly reduces disruptive room influences caused by indirect sound and reflection. As a result, the Symmetric Directivity System ensures a large sound stage, real depth, perfect signal response and precise localization of all voices and instruments.


Cross Over Unit

The Solitaire S speakers are equipped with very complex, double-sided Fast Signal Response (FSR) three-way crossover units. These extraordinary crossovers play a crucial part in the outstanding imaging and dispersion characteristics of the system as a whole. The earth has a dedicated layer in order to ensure that even very high currents and large signals can be processed without distortion. Accurately calculated and optimised for superb transient and transmission behaviour, they effortlessly process even extremely high levels, and ensure that all three frequency ranges are correctly driven. The filter stages and bandpasses are optimised for phase and group timing. We even employ special cable for the internal speaker drive unit connections. Since the magnetostats are capable of handling more than 50 kHz, we use our own co-axial cable which can reproduce even the highest frequencies without losses. Bass, mid and treble ranges can be fine-tuned by means of switches. Since the circuit boards for the bass and mid-range areas are completely separate from each other, the Solitaire S is ideal for use in bi-amping arrangements.


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"In that song, Gord Downie’s lead vocal is centered, Rob Baker’s guitar is way off to the right, and when Fay’s drums come in, they’re left and to the back—and that’s exactly what the S 430s delivered. I remember leaning back and saying: “Wow!”" - Doug Schneider

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"Die Solitaire S 430 ist ein Apoll – offen, transparent, der Ehrlichkeit und Schlankheit verpflichtet. Den Rausch sollen andere zelebrieren. Obwohl: Es gibt auch den Sogfaktor, wenn Raum, Antrieb und Aufnahme stimmen. Da zocken die Ostwestfalen regelrecht ihr größtes Pfund heraus, den Magnetostaten in der Höhe. Der bringt Luft ins audiophile Spiel, verleiht eben den typischen T+A-Mix aus Eleganz und heller Pracht. Oder andersherum: Ich habe schon viele große T+A-Speaker gehört. Die S 430 hat im Moment den größten Sex-Appeal: Ein rundum überzeugendes Angebot." 

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"I REALLY enjoyed my time with these speakers, both when running them in whilst mixing on a set of 1210s and whilst putting them through their paces in our reference system. The speakers are beautifully finished and technically they are excellent, with a good deal of thought having gone into each aspect of their make-up. I loved the way the crossover seamlessly integrates the drivers and yet allows instruments to stand alone in the mix. I also really liked that there is a degree of tunability of each of the frequency ranges with the switches on the back of the speakers. Soundstaging is excellent and not overblown – akin to how I remember the best AudioPhysics of yore. The speakers are easy to position too and so will find favour in many homes. I am awarding these our highest award and I am doing this because they are a seriously good-sounding speaker that is finished really beautifully. If you can afford them, have a bit of space, and the associated amplifier and other kit then I urge you to give these speakers a listen. You will not be disappointed! " 

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"Allein mit dem puren Schalldruck könnte uns dieser Lautsprecher hinwegpusten. Doch T+A nutzt sein Potenzial zu einem anderen, scheinbar simplen Zweck. Es geht um das Musizieren, richtig, feinfühlig, ehrlich. Dem ist alles technische Wissen untergeordnet und aller Aufwand. Der bei der S 430 schlicht gewaltig ist. Wir könnten die Textmenge auf diesen Seiten verdoppeln - soviel Storys aus den Hintergründen ließen sich erzählen. Egal und nochmals: Ein Meisterwerk, zum gehobenem Preis, aber sicherlich auch eine Freundschaft auf Jahre."

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"Die T+A verbindet optisch wie akustisch zwei Welten. Auf den ersten Blick ein hochwertiger Standlautsprecher, der sich unter Experten-Augen zu einer Preziose auf höchstem Verarbeitungsniveau wandelt. Akustisch weiß sie den highfidelen Laien durch ihre unerschütterliche Souveränität, durch lässige Dynamik zu beeindrucken. Dem audiophilen Sommelier gewährt sie einen tiefen und schönen Blick in seine Musik. Wer einen absoluten Maßstab an die Qualität legt und Understatement statt großer Show sucht, wird bei der T+A Solitaire S 430 fündig. Das hat seinen Preis, doch den ist der neue Lautsprecher aus Herford auf Heller und Pfennig were."



3-way bass reflex

Power rating

Nominal load 200 W
Music power

250 W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency range 29 - 45000 Hz
Sensitivity (1 Watt / 1 m) 86 dB

Drive units

Bass drive 2 x 220 mm
Midrange 2 x 150 mm
High-frequency drive 1 x 50 mm magnetostat
Crossover frequencies 200 / 2200 Hz


Dimensions H x W x D 118 x 26 x 44 cm, Hight incl. base
Weight 48 kg

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