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T+A HA 200 Headphone Amplifier / DAC

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HA 200

Headphone Amplifier

The HA 200 headphone amplifier

Our first headphone amplifier is a new and ground-breaking development in which the analogue amplifier section, the converter section and also the case mechanics operate to perfection. The analogue section of the HA 200 is based on the unique T+A HV technology. Its high-performance output stages operate in Class-A mode with a high idle current, and are effortlessly capable of driving even the most difficult of headphones. The impedance of the three headphone outputs can even be matched to the headphones in use and the individual sound ideas. A crossfeed function for creating a sound stage image positioned in front of the head is available on request. The high-quality mains sections - one digital, one analogue with two separate torroidal transformers- provide very generous reserves of power.

The digital section is fitted with the proprietary T+A True 1-Bit digital / analogue converter, which provides an incredible DSD 1024 for Bitstream, and the T+A quadruple converter with 32 Bit / 768 kHz for PCM. Like all current T+A DACs the new HA 200 also features a sophisticated and completely separate decoder architecture for DSD and PCM, ensuring that all digital formats are decoded to the finest standards.
The design and materials of the case harmonise perfectly with the unique electronics. The HA 200 is significantly larger and heavier than other headphone amplifiers, but this is not surprising given the more than 2300 components and the sophisticated HV technology. All the case components are produced from non-magnetic aluminium, and the front panel is machined from solid plate material - just like the HV series. Accurate QPPM metering instruments and a large screen supply important system information, and provide an accurate indication of operating conditions. The FM8 IR remote control controls all functions of the HA 200.
We have designed the HA 200 in every respect with no hint of compromise and without regard to cost, for we had only one goal in mind: musical reproduction to the very highest standard of perfection.

Amplifier Section

The amplifier section has an absolutely crucial part to play in the overall design. And that’s why we decided to adopt the principles of our HV series: pure analogue Class-A design with special MOS-FET transistors, no op-amps, no chips and a separate 100-Watt analogue mains section. Even the crossfeed function is generated by an analog filter circuit. The XLR and Cinch inputs take the same form as in the HV series, and the pre-amplifier is designed in such a way that it feeds the output stage in the optimum manner. Gas-tight encapsulated gold contact relays take over the volume control and adjustable loudness function and bridge the tone control completely (flat) on request, they are absolutely free of distortion and noise. Even after many years of operation these components are not subject to contact problems due to corrosion, dust or ageing effects. The relays are integrated directly into the circuit design, keeping the signal paths as short as possible.
Since we had decided to cater for different headphone types, the output stage needed to be extremely sophisticated. Normal loudspeakers have impedances in the range 2 to 10 Ohm, which is not critical. However, headphones may have impedances in the range 10 to 1000 Ohm, and this certainly presents a challenge. Low-impedance types draw high currents, whereas the currents flowing in high-impedance types are relatively low; however, the voltage must be very stable. We overcame this problem by designing the output stage of the HA 200 to be capable of effortlessly delivering relatively high currents, while the mains section transformers (2 x 50-Watt) are extremely stable and constant.


The wide range of connection facilities requires a very sophisticated control system and display for the amplifier as a whole. In fact, the HA 200 is intuitive and simple to operate, thanks to an ingenious combination of operating buttons and menu control system. The two VU meters (QPPM = Quasi Peak Programme Meter Type 1) are accurate indicators which display the variation in various parameters, as in studio applications and measurement engineering. The level at the D/A converter and the amplifier can both be displayed, as can input level and output level, temperature and stream quality (which can be used to check the frequency of the data stream and even the cable quality). The pin-sharp screen displays the user’s selected operating modes, such as output impedance, volume, data rate, oversampling filter type or crossfeed. The brightness of the display, the LEDs and the VU meter is adjustable. You can even adjust the colour of these.

Case Design

Since we have also designed the HA 200 for use in professional applications, the case is designed to be extremely solid and robust. The heatsinks are manufactured using an extrusion tool, the front panel is machined from solid metal, and the top, bottom and back panels are made from aluminium plates. Ultra-close tolerances and accurate fits are the hallmarks of this case, and at the same time the design provides for homogeneous heat distribution, leading to optimum operating conditions for the electronics as a whole.

In- & Outputs

Sound quality can be fine-tuned by selecting different output impedances for each output (6.3 mm, 4.4 mm Pentaconn, XLR 4-pin), and Crossfeed-mode can also be switched in. The XLR 4-pin output can be used to drive loudspeakers if the user wishes to connect a stereo power amplifier (such as the AMP 8); in this case we can supply an XLR-4 to 2xRCA adapter.
In addition to the conventional high-quality analogue inputs we have equipped the HA 200 with a large number of high quality digital inputs. This makes it possible to operate the unit as a stand-alone device, and connect it to various digital sources according to personal taste and requirements. There is no doubt that the HA 200’s digital input section is currently the world’s finest, since the USB-B inputs are based on the new high-resolution Thesycon chip, which can process up to DS 1025 and PCM 768. Professional AES/EBU and BNC sockets are also present, as are optical and co-axial SP/DIF. The Bluetooth input is fitted with AptX™ HD, two HDMI inputs (Stereo only) and one output ARC are available as options.
The extremely high quality of the inputs is maintained in the converter. The proprietary T+A True 1-Bit digital / analogue converter, which provides an incredible DSD 1024 for Bitstream, and the T+A quadruple converter with 32 Bit / 768 kHz for PCM, reflect the current State of the Art, and represent the limit of what is feasible today. The digital section features its own power supply, and is galvanically separated from the analogue section.
Although the primary purpose of the HA 200 is to be an amplifier with an extraordinarily high performance, this unusual flexibility on the input side is very helpful to various types of user. Since the amplifier employs our very finest DSD and PCM converters, the sound quality of the digital inputs is just as good as that of the analogue ones.


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"The HA200 is truly a world class desktop solution. From the fit and finish to the all-important sound, you would be hard pressed to find a better headphone setup that neatly fits on a desk. Of course the conversation is there as to whether you could get a better result for the same money by separating or swapping certain parts in the chain. However, after hearing it its hard to imagine you aren’t getting your money’s worth or would do better purchasing separates. I think there is something to be said about synergy as well. Sometimes you can buy separates that sound amazing but when they come together it’s not ideal. That isn’t the case here. They have made sure the DAC and Amp are in perfect synergy and I am left not wanting anything else from them. The DAC inside is good enough to be a stand alone driving any more than capable speaker amp. Similarly, the amp section is fantastic and more than capable of driving most planar and dynamic headphones on the market. Overall, I think the HA200 brings out the best in the headphones I was able to try on it. Its incredibly resolving, dynamic, open, and has very solid low end. You can pick out each and every detail in a recording and have it presented in a natural and pleasing way. The HA200 is an absolutely fantastic device and would be at home on the desk of anyone looking for true reference performance without all the hassle of picking and pairing separates." - Chris Moore

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"Let´s change the scene to younger artists – The Slow Show have set new standards on their 2015 album "White Water". Vocalist Bob Goodwin's distinctive voice and the relaxed but never splashing music has also succeeded in terms of sonic quality. The stage is very "studio-like", but still sparks astonishment, thanks to the quite spectacular effects in all frequency ranges. Here too the T+A device scored a great many bonus points, consolidating the impression that had been formed long before: we have a new champion among headphone amplifiers before us. It will be very difficult for the competition to surpass the HA 200, both in terms of sound and the sum of its other characteristics. Not to mention the extraordinary duet with the Solitaire P headphones!" - Michael Lang

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"While it’s all too easy to quibble about the lack of built-in network and USB HDD playback or analogue outputs – especially given the price tag – it’s perhaps better to focus on what the HA 200 does, and does to exceptional effect. Very few headphone amplifiers are able to take you on such an epic sonic journey when you slip on your cans, and combined with a seemingly endless array of tweaking options and flexibility, it’s very difficult to see this as anything other than the perfect option for those that take their headphone listening seriously. Just because it’s high-end, doesn’t mean it doesn’t know how to have fun" - Hi-Fi Choice

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"It is hard to fault such a fine piece of equipment, so I won’t. It is, simply a masterpiece of headphone amplifier loveliness. With such a high degree of flexibility, it will be difficult to find a pair of headphones that wouldn’t benefit from the dynamic control of this Class A product. It is the easiest 5-star of the year, what an outstanding headphone amplifier." - Simon Wilce

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"The T+A combination isn’t the Rolls Royce of personal audio; it’s the Maybach of headphone listening enjoyment. It’s every bit as refined and a lot less ‘bling’ than the latest Rollers and much more in line with the outrageously well-made Mercedes for those whom the S-Class is not enough. " - Alan Sircom

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"You can quibble about what it doesn't do – I'd prefer built-in network and USB HDD playback, and analogue line outs – but what the HA 200 does, it does to sensational effect. Explore all its flexibility, wondering at the design and build, or treat all that as over-engineering, plug in a good pair of cans and let the music take you. If you take hi-fi headphone listening very seriously, you're going to love it." - Andrew Everard

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"My experience with other products by mainstream amp and speaker manufacturers "getting into headphones" has been mostly disappointing. French loudspeaker company Focal is the shining-star exception: Their best headphones are as good as any other company's best headphone. After spending a couple of months with the Solitaire P and HA 200 amplifier/DAC, I think T+A has beat the odds: Their first-try headphone products played with the best of the world's best, at the uppermost point of the gold-tipped asteroid. Bravo T+A!" - Herb Reichert 4/2021 - Read More

"La marque allemande spécialisée dans l'audio haut de gamme T+A s'est lancée récemment sur le marché du casque audio de salon avec un bien joli duo. Animés de la même ambition qu'à l'accoutumée, le casque planaire Solitaire P et le DAC/ampli casque HA 200 veulent frapper extrêmement fort et s'imposer comme des références absolues. De quoi donner des sueurs froides aux maîtres du genre."

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"The HA200 is a fantastic device for music connoisseurs, and you definitely should listen to it also with the excellent Solitaire P. This is an absolutely outstanding set! It’s expensive, you may say. True, but with these new products the T+A simply targets those looking for the best performance in the most feature-packed and great-looking audio components for whom price is not a deciding factor."

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"De combinatie van de HA 200 en Solitaire P is zeer geslaagd. Het is een lichtvoetige, inzichtrijke ervaring om muziek te beluisteren met dit duo. De Solitaire P is bovendien een zeer goede hoofdtelefoon, met een lichte, snelle toets die bijna doet denken aan een elektrostaat. Niet helemaal hetzelfde uiteraard, maar toch is heel anders dan menige dynamische en planar-magnetic rivalen. De Solitaire P is een van de beste koptelefoons die je momenteel kunt vinden, een enorme prestatie. Maar dat kun je eigenlijk ook zeggen van de Solitaire P-SE."

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Stereophile 2/2021 

"Solitaire P headphones and HA 200 headphone amplifier

After spending a couple of months with the Solitaire P and HA 200 I think T+A has beat the odds: Their first-try headphone products played with the best of the world´s best, at the uppermost point of the gold-tipped asteroid. Bravo T+A!" 12/2020 - Read More

Das nenne ich mit Fug und Recht einen Einstieg nach Maß. Mit dem Duo Solitaire P und HA 200 will T+A nirgendwo anders hin als an die Spitze. Dafür war kein Aufwand zu groß, keine technische und konstruktive Herausforderung unüberwindlich. Das Set kostet eine Stange Geld, aber klanglich müssen sich Mitbewerber in Zukunft an Solitaire P und HA 200 messen lassen, denn dieser Ohrenschmaus setzt Maßstäbe."

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"Theorie und begeisternde Anwendung
Billig sind die beiden High End Geräte Solitaire P und HA 200 von T+A nicht. Angesichts der gebotenen Qualität und der hervorragenden Umsetzung auch zukunftsweisender Konzepte erscheint ihr Preis aber angemessen, zumal dann, wenn der stolze Besitzer alle Möglichkeiten des HA 200 ausschöpfen kann. Die Kombination aus Solitaire P und HA 200 wird ihm, da bin ich mir sicher, neue Einsichten in musikalische Zusammenhänge und auch eine weitere Entwicklung der eigenen klanglichen Wahrnehmung ermöglichen."

LowBeats 12/2020 - Read More

"Fazit T+A Solitaire P und HA 200
Viel Geld. Ein gläubiger Anhänger der Lautsprecher-Wiedergabe wird noch nicht einmal interessiert zucken. Was bedeutet: Die Zielgruppe für diesen Amp und seinen Kopfhörer ist fein geschnitten. Wer die beiden jedoch erleben durfte, wird vom Glauben abfallen und mit fliegenden Fahnen die Seiten wechseln. Ich traue mir den Superlativ zu: Das ist die beste Amp/Hörer-Kombi, die ich kenne. Der Preis tut weh. Aber so etwas kauft man sich auf Jahrzehnte. 11.400 Euro durch 365 Tage mal zehn Jahre – macht drei Euro zwölf Cent pro Tag. So gerechnet, kann man schon wieder drüber nachdenken."

Stereo 9/2020

"Ein perfektes Paar
Hier ist ein Champion angetreten, der es dem Wettbewerb klanglich wie in der Summe seiner sonstigen Eigenschaften sehr schwer machen wird, an der Verkaufstheke als Sieger dazustehen. Und erst recht im Duett mit dem Solitaire P Kopfhörer!

Klangniveau: 100%"

HiFi News 8/2020

"T+A HA 200
Ella´s 1956 live evening set swept us up into the atmosphere. Explore all it´s flexibility, wondering at the design and build, or treat all that as over-engineering, plug in a good pair of cans and let the music take you. If you take hi-fi headphones listening very seriously, you are going to love it."

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"First Strike
Bravo, T+A: ein sehr gelungenes Debüt. Der Solitaire P ist super geworden, der HA 200 noch besser. Oder um es anders auszudrücken: Es gibt Stand heute keinen besseren Kopfhörerverstärker. Damit sind der HA 200 und der Solitaire P die neuen AUDIO-Referenzen und -Arbeitsgeräte.
Superb in Klang und Ausstattung.
Klang: 145 Punkte
Ausstattung: überragend
Bedienung: sehr gut
Verarbeitung: überragend"

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"Technologie & Topologie
Auch messtechnisch unangreifbar perfekter Kopfhörerverstärker, der sowohl mit nieder- als auch mit hochohmigen Kopfhörern völlig problemlos harmoniert und dabei die Klangmesslatte ein gutes Stück nach oben verschiebt: T+A hat den wahrscheinlich besten Kopfhörer-Amp der Welt gebaut und kombiniert das Klangwunder mit den State-Of-The-Art-DACs des Hauses. Das Ergebnis hat seinen Preis, dürfte aber für lange Zeit kaum mehr zu toppen sein. Heißer Tipp: der HA 200 kann auch als Vorverstärker zum Einsatz kommen."

Musicalhead 5/2020 - Read More

"Dem deutschen High-End Hersteller T+A gelingt mit der überragenden Kombination aus SOLITAIRE P und HA200 somit ein veritabler Raketenstart in das internationale Kopfhörersegment, den man in diesem Maße so nicht erwarten konnte."


Analogue section

Frequency response + 0 / − 3 dB D0,1 Hz – 200 kHz
Signal / noise ratio 110/114 dB
THD  /  Intermodulation < 0,001 % / < 0,001 %
Channel separation > 108 dB
Class A operation up to 700 mA
Loudness switchable, adjustable on the speaker efficiency
Sound control switchable, channel separated. Bass and treble -6 dB to + 8 dB
Headphone outputs 6.3 mm plug, 4.4 mm Pentaconn, XLR-4 pin
Impedances: 8, 12, 18, 25, 40, 80 Ohms

Analogue inputs

High level (RCA) / balanced (XLR)
250 mVeff ... 4,5 Veff / 10 kOhms | 500 mVeff ... 9 Veff / 20 kOhms
Channel separation 110 dB

Digital inputs

1 x AES-EBU 32...192 kHz / 16-24 Bit
S/P-DIF: 2 x Standard Coax, 2 x optical TOS-Link 32...192 kHz / 16-24 Bit,
1 x BNC 32...192 kHz / 16-24 Bit,
2 x USB DAC: Device-Mode 44,1 ... 768 kSps (PCM) and up to DSD1024*, supports asynchronous data transfer.

*DSD 512 and DSD 1024 with Windows PC and appropriate driver installed or Linux PC with Kernel 4.4 or higher only. Supports DoP up to DSD 256 (0x05/0xFA Marker).

2 x HDMI IN, 1 x HDMI OUT with ARC (as an option)
Bluetooth A2DP (Audio), AVRCP 1.4 (Control) / aptX® HD , SBC, AAC

D/A converter section

Double-Differential-Quadruple-Converter with four 32-Bit Sigma-Delta D/A converter per channel
705,6 / 768 kSps conversion rate
T+A-True-1Bit DSD D/A converter, up to DSD 1024 (49,2 MHz), native bitstream
Upsampling T+A signal-processor – synchronous upsampling with four selectable oversampling algorithms. FIR short, FIR long, Bezier/IIR, Bezier, NOS (non-oversampling))
Analogue filter Phase-linear Bessel filter 3rd order, switchable with 60 or 120 kHz cut off frequency

Mains / Accessories / Dimensions

Main 100 – 120 V or 200 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 100 Watts
Standby < 0,50 W
Accessories Remotecontrol FM8, power cord, USB-cabel for charging RC,
USB cabel 2.0 for DAC, RCA cabel
Dimensions (W x H x D) 10 × 32 × 34 cm, 4 x 12.6 x 13.4 inch
6,5 kg, 14.4 lbs
Finishes Alu silver anodized (43), Alu black anodized (42)

Technical modifi cations reserved