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VPI Industries

VPI Industries Signature 21 Turntable

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VPI Signature 21


The Signature 21 also has changed with the upgraded HW-40 feet and the more substantial change, the Gimbal Fatboy tonearm as standard for the Signature.  The modifications have taken an already powerhouse table and kicked up to another level in performance.

Luxury meets performance all in one package. A tasteful combination of aluminum, stainless steel, and 3D-printed technology. Over 40 years of refinement all leading up to this turntable.

The limited edition is now available in Rosewood!




VPI Fatboy Gimbal 10-3D

  • Bearing Type: Full Gimbal Bearing
  • Pivot to spindle: 258 mm
  • Internal Wire: Nordost Reference Wire
  • Effective length: 273.4 mm
  • Effective mass: 10.7 g.
  • Overhang: 15.4 mm
  • Offset angle: 19.98 degrees
  • Average RMS distortion: 0.31%
  • Material: 3D Technology Consisting of but not limited to Epoxy resin and Delrin materials, copper, aluminum and steel 
  • Product Notes: Adjustable Counterweight, Azimuth side weights, VTA, and Limo Connection





"Sure, as a reviewer I’d love to hook up one of their Reference turntables for comparison to the Prime Signature (ahem…hint, hint, Mat!), but as a consumer, I can’t imagine wanting or needing more unless I got into a system that was more expensive than a house.

So if you haven’t figured it out by now, I am extremely fond of the VPI Prime Signature turntable. It’s built like a proverbial tank, it’s stunningly beautiful to look at, and it plays music in such a way to make you play all of your favorite music like it’s the very first time." - TODD COOPERIDER


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"The standard VPI Prime remains an excellent buy. It’s a hugely talented record player that is capable of seeing off all-comers at its price.

But if your budget does extend to the Signature we would recommend doing so. It takes everything the standard model does and builds on it. There’s more insight, stronger dynamics and a lovely stability.

In a top-end system the improvements will be obvious. Be in no doubt that the Prime Signature is the player to beat at its price. Highly recommended." - What Hi-Fi?



"There are several models of tank that would feel slightly uneasy standing next to the VPI Prime Signature, such is the sturdy build quality on show here. Despite the multi-part nature of the installation for this turntable, it’s a pretty straight-forward sequence that offers much that is friendly but it’s that sound quality that is the gold star element in the Signature Prime’s armoury. Solid as a rock, oozing detail but blended successfully with clarity. All I can advise, in my simple, innocent, yet hopeful way is to tell you to buy this deck or, if an angled entreatment is more attractive, buy this deck or if you are suffering from hearing difficulties BUY THIS DECK! Got that?"


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"Perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned in the time the VPI Prime Signature has cohabited with me is that, eventually, the constant urge to upgrade must come to an end. Perhaps, at 55, I’m finally starting to grow up. More than any other component, the Prime Signature has made me think, Is this it? Could this be the last turntable I’ll ever buy? After I’m eventually planted by my family, will my daughter (she’s now seven), in cleaning up my estate, have to decide what the hell she’s gonna do with a massive, 66-pound turntable? I sure hope she likes LPs.

Stay tuned. I have a decision to make." - Jason Thorpe


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"So what are the negatives? Really, the only thing to be aware of is that there is no dust cover for the Prime Signature – there are third party companies who will provide custom built acrylic covers but at a price. I simply kept a very soft cloth and soft brush nearby and kept dust at bay using them. You will also need a decent sized space on which to stand the player. As I said, it sat atop my XL Quadraspire fine but check the dimensions of your rack before buying. And that’s it – everything else about living with this device is positive." - Chris Kelly



  • Periphery Ring Clamp - Improves record warp reduction and the shelf life of your cartridge.
  • Reference Feet - Improves isolation and makes it even more quiet between the notes.
  • Analog Drive System (ADS) - Improves accuracy and speed adjustment.




Chassis Composition Vinyl MDF and Steel
Platter Type & Size 12" Aluminum, 20lbs
Tonearm Included Fatboy Gimbal 10-3D
Motor RPM 300 RPM
Motor Pulley +/- .0005"
Wow and Flutter .03%
Speed Accuracy .04%
Rumble 82 db Down
Footprint 19 ½" x 13 ¾"
Overall Size 21 ⅜" x 15 ¾" x 11"
Total Weight 66 lbs