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Avantgarde Acoustic

Avantgarde Acoustics DUO GT

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The DUO GT "Grande Twin" is the third evolutionary stage of a horn system that has been part of Avantgarde Acoustic's portfolio since 1993. The proven innovative spherical horn architecture combined with the improved XM2 midrange driver, the new XT3 Supertweeter from the TRIO and the XB12 bass drummers with huge voice coil from the SpaceHorn.



Powered by its impressive 670 mm spherical spherical horn with a frequency response of up to 170 Hz, the DUO is the epitome of performance and dynamic elegance. Because in the captivating world of spherical spherical wave horns, size is the decisive criterion. The larger the dimensions of the horn, the deeper its lower range and the more the listener is sucked into the maelstrom of outstanding performance.


The EvolutionAA XM2 midrange driver – a 170 mm chassis with a powerful Alnico magnet – is designed for a large linear diaphragm stroke. Its new "Soft Mesh Compound" membrane uses a sturdy mesh carcass as the basis of the construction. The microscopic openings of the mesh are sealed with a cushioning elastomer coating. The combination of the solid mesh structure with flexible lining develops a broadband absorption effect that effectively dampens partial vibrations of the membrane and thus unwanted harmonics.
The DUO GT uses the XT3 tweeter of the TRIO G3. The XT3's lighter, ring-shaped diaphragm extends the frequency range up to 28,000 Hz at a sensitivity of 107 dB, providing greater clarity, focus, and a fuller and more natural sound.

By using two powerful XB12 drivers in a bass reflex configuration, the dynamic headroom of the bass has been virtually doubled compared to its predecessor. We've increased the voice coil from 100mm on the previous model to 153mm. This gigantic engine structure with a diameter of 6 inches achieves superior values of power factor and load capacity. At the same time, thermal compression is significantly reduced.

The G3-1000 bass amplifier has 1,000 watts and is equipped with a modern digital sound processor. The new user interface makes it easy to adjust the sound to individual preferences and seamlessly integrate the system into a wide range of spaces.


Excellence reinvented.

G3 stands for “Generation 3”, the successor and next step up from our acclaimed XD series. Starting with the original Generation 1 models in 1993, this is the second time in 30 years that our technologies and product platforms have been completely renewed.

The G3 Series takes nature horn principle to its (il)– logical extreme: sheer musical power unleashed through the use of unbridled efficiency coupled to an extended frequency range.


107dB Efficiency

A new generation of Evolution drivers for enhanced dynamics and an even purer sound.


200 mm - Supertweeter

Innovative XT3 tweeter unit with new Long Throw Horn and extended Supertweeter frequency range with record low distortion values.


670 mm spherical wave midrange horn

New improved XM2 DUO Evolution driver with 107dB efficiency and 18 Ohm Omega technology.



Two new 12″ XB12 drivers with 152mm voice coils and 1.15 Tesla flux density over 480mm voice coil length. Diaphragm composite of long fibre paper and carbon fibre.


Color worlds.

New elegant color and design options for an even more customized configuration of your dream speaker.


Coplanar driver alignment.

In the G3 Series, all drivers are on one axis. This means that the acoustic centers are all on the same plane. The distance of the acoustic centers of the drivers to the listener are therefore always identical. Accordingly, the signals from the respective sources (tweeter, midrange and woofer) arrive at the same time and thus correctly.


Modular technology.

All the electronics are housed in easily replaceable technology modules. So that you can easily expand or upgrade your system even after many years.


Current amplifier.

Patented iTRON current fully active engine for perfect control of membrane vibrations and the ultimate sound.


1000 Watt Bass Output stage

Integrated power amplifier with 1,000 watts of amplification power and processor-controlled active filters. New G3 user interface for programming.



The DUO GT is the largest in the Duo line, a two-way hornspeaker satellite with active 1000 Watt DSP sub.

Anything is possible.


Each shade in our 12-colour collection has been carefully selected by us to adorn your horn speakers. Our aim is for the colours to be timelessly elegant and expressive at the same time, to integrate harmoniously into your interior design and to set the scene for the horns.






The DUO GT “Grande Twin” is the third evolutionary step of a horn system that has been in Avantgarde Acoustic’s portfolio since 1993.

The proven innovative spherical horn architecture combined with the improved XM2 midrange driver, the new XT3 supertweeter from the TRIO and the XB12 bass drivers with huge voice coil from the SPACEHORN.

The same soul as 30 years ago, but with a different temperament. Darker. More sporty. Tighter. The best DUO ever.


Modular technology for versatility & timelessness.

Each model has a replaceable technology module that connects to the loudspeaker via a multi-pin power connector. This makes it easy to upgrade the semi-active speaker with iTRON technology at a later date.

It can be upgraded to the most advanced digital technology available at the time, even after many years.

This ensures the sustainability of your investment for generations to come.




Coplanar alignment of the drivers.

In the speaker, all the drivers are on the same axis. This means that the acoustic centres are all in the same plane. The distance between the acoustic centres of the drivers and the listener is therefore always identical.



Horn type spherical horn
Horn aperture angle 180 Degrees
Horn diameter midrange 670 mm
Horn diameter tweeter 200 mm


Diameter midrange 170 mm / 7 inches
Diameter tweeter 25 mm / 1 inch


Driver size 300 mm / 12 inches
Number of drivers 2x XB12
Voice coil diameter 153 mm
Flux density 1.15 Tesla / 480 mm
Pole plate low carbon steel
Membrane material Paper/carbon fiber compound


Output power (RMS) 1x 1000 Watt
Digital crossover DSP
Equalizer 8 Band EQ
Digital room adjustment yes
Inputs 1x SPKR + 1x XLR


iTRON voltage/current converter technology patented
Fully balanced circuit yes
Single-ended circuit yes
Zero Feedback yes
Without negative feedback yes
Power 2 x 100 Watt


High Performance Multi Contact Connector yes
Semi-active version yes
Fully active version with iTRON amplifier yes


Dimensions width 670 mm 
Dimensions depth 696 mm
Dimensions height (+/- 15 mm) 1,732 mm
Weight 108.5 kg