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Adcom Rack Mount Adapters

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Rack Mount Adapters

The indispensable solution for organizing and optimizing your audio in a professional and space-efficient manner. Crafted from durable materials, our Rack Mount Adapters offer secure and reliable support for your devices, protecting them from vibrations and ensuring longevity.




Rack Mount Adapters For use with
RM-9M GFA-7807, GFA-7805, GFA-7707, GFA-7705. The 780X amps require shelf mount in addition to rack mounts.
RM-8 GFA-565, GFA-585, GFA-5800, GFA-5802
RM-7 BOS-500, GFA-555, GFA-555II, GFA-555se, GFA-5503, GFA-5500, GFA-5503, GFA-7000, GFA-7500, GFA-7700, GFB-800II, GFR-700
RM-5 GTP-880, GTP-860, GTP-860II, GTP-830, GFA-545, GFA-545II, GFA-2535, GFA-2535L, GFA-5006, GFA-5400, GFA-6000, GFA-7400, GSA-700, GSP-560
RM-4A GCD-600, GCD-700,GCD-750, GFA-5300, GFA-7300, GTP-550, GTP-600, GTP-740, GTP-750, GTP-760
RM-3.5M GDV-850, GTP-602,GFP-815