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Pro-Ject Connect it Phono 5P CC XLR NEUTRIK

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Pro-Ject Connect it Phono 5P CC XLR NEUTRIK

With Connect It 5P CC XLR, you can preserve the balanced signal generated by your phono cartridge all the way through to your phono section (and beyond, pending your gear!). This balanced cable set is optimized specifically for carrying the delicate phono signal. Highly flexible, low in capacitance, and well-shielded, it was developed for low coloration, heightened transparency, and ultra-quiet signal transmission that’s far less susceptible to electrical and airborne interference than its unbalanced RCA counterpart.

Connect It 5P CC XLR NEUTRIK is handmade in Europe. State-of-the-art leads, dielectric, and premium-grade NEUTRIK XLR connectors were selected through critical listening. Specific lengths were selected because of their advantages in carrying the phono signal. Additionally available in 0.82 & 1.85m, compatible with any tonearm with female DIN + XLR inputs at the phono section.

Connect it 5P-CC XLR NEUTRIK 0.82m: $200
Connect it 5P-CC XLR NEUTRIK 1.23m: $219
Connect it 5P-CC XLR NEUTRIK 1.85m: $250