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T+A Solitaire P

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Solitaire P

Solitaire P Headphones

It is not a coincidence that our headphones bear the name Solitaire. Back in 1983 our founder developed T+A’s first planar-electrostatic transducer: the mid-high range unit for the Solitaire OEC active loudspeaker, which remains a legend to this day. Since that time we have continued to exploit this principle for our High-End speakers. The current Solitaire CWT range employs a planar-electrostatic mid-range / treble unit whose frequency range extends up to and beyond 50,000 Hz, and which is capable of generating sound pressure levels above 120 dB. The diaphragm of these transducers consists of a special ultra-thin film, driven by a powerful electrical field.
This principle was the obvious choice for our first headphones, based on the exceptional qualities of this type of planar transducer and our thirty-five years of experience in the development and manufacture of film transducers. Planar-magnetic transducers are very similar to electrostatic devices, as their diaphragm also consists of a thin film driven by a strong magnetic field. For that reason it was therefore natural to start our headphone division by developing open planar systems for our first headphone series, and build them here in Herford. The fundamental designs of planar magnetic systems are ideally suited to High-End headphones, and are inherently superior to dynamic alternatives.
Our flagship model bears the name of the Series: The Solitaire P was introduced in March 2020 and quickly became a references level headphone, cherished by critics and customers alike. The Solitaire P-SE brings the spirit of the Solitaire P to a new and exciting price point.



Design Philosophy

In every transducer – regardless of whether a loudspeaker or headphones – the diaphragm needs to be driven as evenly as possible. To a limited extent dynamic systems based on voice coils are partially successful in this, but planar systems – such as electrostatic or magnetostatic devices – are much more effective in this regard, since the driving force in both these processes is distributed over the whole of the diaphragm, rather than being localised at the coil position. In principle the actual transducer of our magnetostat consists of rod-shaped high-performance neodymium magnets of varying length, with an innovative pole geometry. These magnets are held in a precise, accurately manufactured mount which guarantees the positioning of the magnetic poles to an accuracy of a few hundredths of a millimetre. This design generates a totally linear magnetic field, in which the special ultra-lightweight diaphragm moves. The diaphragm itself is only a few µm thick, and consists of a structurally stable High-Tech polymer material; it also bears an array of very light conductors – also only µm thick – which are applied in a sophisticated, highly precise photo-chemical process. This unique technology ensures that the entire surface of the diaphragm is driven absolutely evenly, thereby eliminating the partial oscillations which are unavoidable with localised drive systems. The net result is a series of transducers with an enormously wide dynamic range, high peak sound pressures and extremely impressive linearity and freedom from distortion.
Our Solitaire P and Solitaire P-SE headphones are driven by our in house transducers TPM 3100 and TPM 2500, respectively. Both of which are manufactured in Herford, Germany.



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The T+A Solitaire P headphones truly showcase and exemplify T+A’s slogan “engineering emotion.” The level of precision and thought that went into these headphones truly shows in their sound. These make listening one step closer to the real thing which anyone in this community will tell you is quite an emotional experience. For anyone in the market for a true top of the line headphone, you would be lacking if the Solitaire P wasn’t included."


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"Overall, the Solitaire P from T+A is an incredible first effort at a TOTL headphone. The more I think about it, the more I think it might be the most “complete” package in terms of a top of the line planar magnetic headphone options currently available. I say “complete” in the sense that it is almost as technically accomplished as the other TOTL planar magnetics (incredibly close) but is also a comfortable, and most importantly, easy to drive headphone" -  PAULHEALY123

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"The T+A Solitaire P headphones rank among the best, easiest-to-drive, most completely portable reference headphones I have had the pleasure of reviewing. Their superlatives include physical resilience, elegant looks, build-quality, comfort level, and, of course, sound." - Steven Stone

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"We are up in rarified air with the T+A Solitaire P. However, it doesn't cost that much more than Focal's Utopia, and it's about £30,000 less than Sennheiser's Orpheus if that's any consolation. Personally, I prefer the build and feel of the Solitaire P over the flagship Focal, but understand that this is a matter of taste.

What's less subjective is the sound, and I genuinely believe that the Solitaire P has now set the benchmark for planar magnetic headphones. It has incredible speed, insight and dynamic range – plus musicality in abundance. Factor in the almost supernatural comfort and this is a seriously special product that performs impeccably across so many areas." - JAY GARRETT

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"Heavy in physical weight and heavy in bass, the T+A Solitaire Ps might lack the expected finesse of its underlying technology but if bass is your thing then you should give these headphones a careful demo. There’s lots of detail to be had from the Solitaire P headphones and if you like a warming, meaty bass presentation and you enjoy high-energy music then you certainly won’t go wrong with the T+A Solitaire P headphones.

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"Let’s cut to the chase. On their first attempt at making a headphone, T+A has nailed almost every aspect of technology, design and construction. I’d have been impressed if they’d turned up wearing Sennheiser badges - it would have allowed me to write about how they were the culmination of all that experience. Instead, T+A has hit the ground running. This is the best headphone I’ve ever tested and it has a depth of talent that is almost unprecedented in terms of how it balances its talents and capabilities.

So, it falls to worth. ‘Worth’ is almost meaningless out of context and every single person reading this will have to make a call based on their finances and requirements so all I can do is break down my own balance of needs. The T+A is £500 more than the supremely capable Focal Kanta No1. I am fortunate that I live in a property that has the space, neighbours and layout to ensure that I can use the Focal to levels I consider sufficient. If I were to choose between them here and now, the Focal would make more sense - I’d even have £500 over to pick up a pair of headphones for really late night (read very early morning) listening. If my choice was between using the Focal at a fraction of its output and not set up to allow it to do what it really can, that decision would be reversed in a heartbeat. The T+A creates a high end listening experience where speakers cannot. It does so while being an absolute joy to use. If your pockets are deep enough, this is as good as headphone listening gets and for this reason, the Solitaire P is the Best in Class. " - Ed Selley


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"The T+A combination isn’t the Rolls Royce of personal audio; it’s the Maybach of headphone listening enjoyment. It’s every bit as refined and a lot less ‘bling’ than the latest Rollers and much more in line with the outrageously well-made Mercedes for those whom the S-Class is not enough." - Alan Sircom


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"Thanks to some amazing technology involving advanced materials and clever placement of magnets, the T+A Solitaire P headphones set the benchmark for all other manufacturers of planar magnetic headphones to reach. Of course, like any high-end headphones, the Solitaires need an impeccable source because they are ruthless in the amount of detail they can reveal. If you feed substandard signals it will be no surprise if the music sounds as bad as it is. Cheap headphones can disguise a multitude of sonic sins. The musicality and abundant detail that these headphones offer is a pure delight. Normally, I can’t manage more than an hour or two of headphone listening at a time, but with these headphones not only could I listen all day in comfort, I knew my ears wouldn’t be fatigued and I could spend days rediscovering my favorite music, finding new sounds and instruments that I never knew were there. T+A may not be a household name in high-end audio, but it really deserves to be. If you are an ardent headphone fan and you want the very best that money can buy, I can heartily recommend T+A’s Solitaire P headphones."


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"My experience with other products by mainstream amp and speaker manufacturers "getting into headphones" has been mostly disappointing. French loudspeaker company Focal is the shining-star exception: Their best headphones are as good as any other company's best headphone. After spending a couple of months with the Solitaire P and HA 200 amplifier/DAC, I think T+A has beat the odds: Their first-try headphone products played with the best of the world's best, at the uppermost point of the gold-tipped asteroid. Bravo T+A!" - Herb Reichert

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"At this price level, we are talking supercars; dreams that are barely affordable. T+A use a car chassis analogy on their site and in every sense, where the Meze Empyreans were a Lamborghini (the Romanians don’t really have a supercar heritage) and the French Focal Utopia before that was a leather-lined Bugatti, these T+A Solitaire P headphones, made in Germany, are the Rolls Royce (also German now, of course) of headphones. Whilst not particularly svelt to look at they are designed for the longer journey, enabling you to arrive without fatigue, knowing you’ve experienced the best your money can buy.

In substance, as I have already stated, the T+A Solitaire P headphones deliver a wonderfully warm sound with such fabulous detail and they have a soundstage to stand up for. I can award these headphones nothing less than ‘Outstanding’, 5 stars." - Simon Wilce


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"The ultimate audio listening experience. Top quality build, design and execution. Musically perfect. Gold award. Verdict 10/10.

T+A Solitaire P Review - Read More

"During their visit to our editorial office, the T+A crew promised that the Solitaire P would play dynamically with almost no limits. We put it to the test with Peter Gabriel's "Come, Talk To Me" – and were astounded. The way the synthetic bass sounded perfectly dry and mighty was what finally convinced us that T+A had by no means come up with a "me too" product, but rather that they have reached for the absolute limits in terms of sound as well as materials and effort.

Despite the price tag, the "want to have" effect is absolutely present! T+A has achieved the almost impossible, and has developed a reference headphone from scratch. Congratulations on this magnificent entry to a new market!"



Impedance 80 Ohms
Frequency responce 5 Hz - 54 kHz
< 0,015 % @ 100 dB
Type of construction open, over ear