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Viva Audio

Viva Audio Classico Integrated Amplifiers

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Classico Integrated Amplifiers

Viva Audio is proud to present its new amplifier Classico Integrated.

Classico Integrated is using the legendary 300B power tubes that for many audiophiles rhyme with perfection. To create Classico Integrated Viva completely redesigned its classic 300B amplifier, adding the latest generation of transformers, custom-built to realize the full sonic potential of the 300B tubes.

Classico Integrated offers signature Viva sound – pure, rich and balanced, turning every musical note into a vivid emotional experience. The amplifier comes with a set of carefully selected 300B tubes.



Classico Integrated comes in a virtually unlimited array of colors. You can in select the right color to personalize your Classico and to match your interior.
We also propose an option of setting up your Viva equipment at your home so you can get optimum performing results.

Redesigned classic 300B amplifier

The tubes had been tested and approved by Viva Audio experts using the proprietary Viva Audio software and hardware tools. Classico Integrated can equally work with the NOS (new old stock) tubes.


Part Time Audio Phile - Read More

“The sound of 300Bs remains magical and the Viva is delivering.” - Lee Scoggins


Dimensions w×h×d 430×250×440 mm
Weight 30 kg
Power 10W per channel
Tube Complement 2x 300B, 2x 5U4GB, 1x 6N1P, 1x 6SN7