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VPI Industries

VPI Industries Titan Turntable

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The VPI Titan is their statement to the industry

Building on the legacy of the Avenger turntable, the Titan is designed to handle up to three tonearms of any make or length. Utilizing a machined acrylic/aluminum/acrylic sandwich-design chassis on top of a pneumatic air-suspension isolation footers, the Titan is set to be the most stable, and isolation-oriented turntable in the VPI quiver of decks.

A further new design feature on the Titan is the implementation of analog-based oscillators to generate low-distortion analog sine waves for its 33/45-rpm motor assembly. According to VPI, using a regenerated AC-sine wave virtually eliminates any power line-associated noise from entering the electronic signal path. This provides pure, smooth AC power to the turntable motor.


  • Wow and flutter: .03%
  • Speed Accuracy: .04%
  • Rumble: 86db down