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Arcam CDS50

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SACD/CD Player

The design of the HDA range draws upon all of Arcam’s experience as one of the UK’s most respected audio companies, to produce Arcam’s best performing range of audio products yet – using the best quality components and engineering practices, the HDA range is designed and built to give you years of listening enjoyment.



The CDS50 is a versatile and powerful CD/ SACD, digital audio and network streaming player that expands the digital realm of high-resolution audio. Supporting all disc formats, including SACD, an array of audio file formats and, with local streaming, your listening options are endless. The high-end design of the CDS50 combined with the high-quality 32-bit DAC ensures you experience exceptional sound quality whichever format you prefer.


  • Plays all disc formats, including SACD, CD-A, CD-R and CD-RW
  • Supports audio file formats including FLAC, WAV, AIFF, OGG, MP3, AAC and WMA
  • USB input
  • Superb 32-bit DAC built-in
  • Streaming through the music life app
  • Total harmonic distortion + noise = 0.002% 


In a sense, digital audio doesn't exist. You'd have to be a particularly dull superhero to possess ears that can decode the millions of 1's and O's that make up your CD collection or iTunes library. Whatever the source - be it a laptop, CD player, smartphone, USB stick - the result is just a vibration in your speakers. In other words, it all winds up analogue in the end.
Arguably, when playing from a digital format, the most vital component is the DAC or Digital to Analogue Converter. We'll spare you the bulk of the science, but this is what translates that otherwise lifeless binary code into audible sound energy. Bit-depth, meanwhile, is a key measure of audio quality.
So, if you're listening to a 24-bit WAV copy of your favorite album through a DAC that only converts to 16-bit, there's a good chunk of detail going to waste right there. That's why we've included 32-bit DACs on the entire HDA range - the most commonly used bit-depth in digital recording - so you're guaranteed the full aural picture of whatever the artist intended.


Arcam CDS50 CD/SACD Network Player - Read More 

"Internally, the CDS50 reveals that it is closely related to the CDS27 it replaced. Indeed, at first glance the two look identical within, from the CD/SACD transport and the layout of the boards to the switchmode power supply (feeding separate regulated supplies for the disc mechanism, digital and DAC/analogue boards). Yes there's been some tidying of the internal routing between the two models, but the network/USB board certainly seems the same, as does the transport, although that in the review sample lacked its identifying label. " - James Parker


Part No. ARC-CDS50-US
Model CDS50
Outer box dimensions (LxWxH) 535x414x195
Weight (net) 5.3kg
Weight (packed) 7.3kg
EAN 6925281938016