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T+A PA 2000 R Integrated Amplifier

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PA 2000 R

Integrated Amplifier

The Integrated Amplifier

Building neat, compact integrated amplifiers offering high output power and superb sound quality is an art at which T+A has no peer. As proof of this claim we present the PA 2000 R integrated amplifier. It is incredibly dynamic, powerful and incisive. There are two reasons behind these characteristics: the extremely linear output stages with very low negative feedback, which are a completely new development, and the new form of mains power supply employed. We designed the latter specifically for audio devices, to ensure that they are ultra-stable under load, with no danger of collapse even when handling extremely high peak levels. The result is that the PA 2000 R can deliver a continuous power of more than 200 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms loudspeakers, enabling it to drive impedance-critical speakers whilst maintaining effortless control. Gas-tight gold-contact relays are employed to switch loudspeakers, inputs and internal signal circuits with total precision and zero losses. Separate tone controls are present for each channel, and they and the Loudness function can be by-passed completely. An optional audiophile phono pre-amplifier module for MM or MC can simply be plugged in. For operation in a surround system the amplifier can be set to Surround Pass Through mode, selected by a trigger signal.


The construction, circuit layout, components and sub-assemblies of the two R-series integrated amplifiers are identical, but they differ in output power, connection facilities and case size. The input and output sections are equipped with professional sockets (XLR and RCA) made of non-magnetic materials, and all feature hard gold-plated contact surfaces. All sockets are screwed permanently to the solid aluminum back panel.







In the R-series the volume control and input select functions are entrusted to sealed gas-tight gold-contact relays, which are not prey to contact problems caused by corrosion, dust or ageing effects even after many years of operation. Integrating the relays directly into the circuit allows the signal paths to be as short as possible, and the signals pass from the input sockets to the pre-ampli­fier circuit boards without crosstalk. As an option, input 4 can also be fitted with one of two high-quality phono pre-amplifier modules; they feature different circuit topologies optimised for MM or MC pickups.







Amplifier Technology

R-series pre-amplifiers and power amplifiers are constructed in accordance with the double-mono principle. This means that we completely isolate the left and right channels from each other – even in mechanical terms – and use identical circuit boards, so that the sound quality of both channels is identical. The two separate amplifier circuit boards – with input section, volume control, high-voltage amplifier and current amplifier stage – are housed in the right-hand half of the case, where they are shielded from the mains power supply and the output section by the massive heat-sink. As with our HV-series machines, the circuit topology of the input stage is based on a cascoded differential amplifier with hand-selected audio J-FET transistors and stages of completely discrete construction, without operational amplifiers (op-amps). This overall circuit design, combined with the high quality of the components employed, virtually eliminates the need for overall negative feedback. The result is that the amplifier boasts excellent linearity combined with an extremely wide dynamic range. Signals up to 60 Vss can be processed without any hint of distortion. The volume control takes the form of discrete precision resistors and bi-stable gold-contact relays, resulting in absolutely exact channel matching combined with the shortest possible signal paths; this in turn virtually eliminates noise and distortion. The following voltage amplifier stage and current amplifier are completely isolated from each other galvanically. This uncompromising design completely avoids the danger of feedback effects from the loudspeaker currents into the voltage amplifier stages, and also precludes adverse effects from the loudspeaker load.
The amplifiers are fitted with separate tone controls for each channel, and the function can be completely by-pased by means of gold-contact relays. A loundness circuit is present which can be adjusted to match the efficiency of the loudspeakers.


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"Don’t let its unassuming appearance mislead you. T+A Elektroakustik’s PA 2000 R is a first-rate integrated amplifier whose modest power rating should be taken with a grain of salt. It proved to be an unflappable partner for challenging both two-way and big, efficient three-way speakers. It’s also as neutral as they come. Its most alluring talents, however, are its three-dimensional midrange and its butter-smooth treble extension. From top to bottom of the audioband, it is a complete integrated amplifier, whose sound quality is matched by its impressively solid aluminum build. For a reviewer prone to cast a skeptical eye on everything that comes through his listening room, I’m at a loss. This thing is faultless."

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"Joy to the world

This is a fabulously entertaining system that never feels its message is more important than that of the music it is playing and it is sure to delight anyone in the fortunate position of being able to own it."

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"Konstanten der Moderne

Bei der Elektronik bleiben keine Fragen offen. Mit dem Multiplayer MP 2000 R und dem Verstärker PA 2000 R von T+A hat man ein sachlich gestaltetes, im Klang schlichtweg fantastisches Duo, das viele Funktionen bereithält und enorm komfortabel ist. Der Plattenspieler G 2000 R ergänzt beide perfekt."

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"Engeneered to please - Outstanding among the best

A classy looking integrated amplifier with good power and a neutral, detailed sound. The new T+A amp is a beautifully constructed amplifier that simply exudes quality and sounds as good as it looks. Add in a comprehensive range of features and it makes a strong case for itself."

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"Audiophiles obsessed with separates might consider these slim 2000 R components somewhat middle-of-the-road. But make no mistake: they’re extremely refined and highly capable units, offering a taste of the high-end in a compact form factor. If you’re looking for components that are living-room friendly and look and sound tremendous, you’ll struggle to find a more complete package."

Audio Test 7/2015

"Der PA 2000 R setzt nicht auf Effekthascherei, sondern weist darauf hin, worauf es wirklich ankommt, nämlich exzellente Verarbeitungsqualität und wirklich guten Sound. Selbst impedanzkritische Lautsprecher bringen den PA 2000 R nicht aus der Ruhe. Er behält in jeder Situation die Kontrolle."

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"Nueva Serie R:
revolución con estilo

Beneficiaria directa de tecnologías desarrolladas durante la puesta a punto de la exclusiva gama HV, la renovada Serie R de T+A constituye una de las máximas expresiones del High End germano con aspiraciones democráticas."

HiFi Digital 07-08/2015

"Für einen derart kräftigen Verstärker attraktiv flach gebaut, entfesselt der neue T+A eine prachtvolle farbenprächtige und bis ins feinste Detail ausfinessierte Klangwelt mit Verve und Esprit. Zum halben Preis beinache der ultimative Klang der HV-Serie."

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"Das T+A Gespann tritt mit enormer Klarheit aufs Parkett und projiziert eine sehr weiträumige und phantastisch ausgeleuchtete Bühne zwischen die Lautsprecher. Man vermisst nicht das kleinste Detail, wobei sich die als Quellen verwendeten Funktionen des MP 2000 R gegenseitig zu übertreffen scheinen.
Kein Zweifel auch Sie werden dem Charme dieser neuen T+A-Klasse "R"liegen."

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Immense Entwickler-Ambition und -Erfahrung trifft auf Musikalität. Im Falle des PA 2000 R hält der Tester den weiteren Schlusskommentar kurz: Gratuliere T+A und Hut ab!
Mit dem PA 2000 R können die meisten von uns das Thema Verstärker abhaken.

Klang: 128
Bedienung: sehr gut
Verarbeitung: überragend
Preis/Leistung: überragend"



Pre-amplifier stage

Frequency response + 0 / − 3 dB 0,5 Hz – 300 kHz
Signal / noise ratio, unweighted / A-weighted 105 / 109 dB
Total harmonic distortion/Intermodulation < 0,001 % / < 0,001 %
Channel separation > 90 dB
Loudness Switchable, variable to suit loudspeaker efficiency
Tone controls
Switchable, channel-separate
−6 … +8 dB
−6 … +8 dB
Nominal input sensitivity
High level (RCA) 3 × 250 mV … 4 Veff/20 kOhms
Balanced (XLR) 3 × 500 mV … 8 Veff/5 kOhms
Phono-MM (optional*)
*Phono module replaces one high-level input
1 – 5 mV,
16 Capacitances
Phono-MC (optional*)
*Phono module replaces one high-level input
60 – 1000 µV,
16 Impedances


Headphone 50 Ohms
PRE out RCA Nom 1 Veff, Max 9,5 Veff, 75 Ohms

Output stage

Nominal output per channel into 8 Ohms 100 Watts
into 4 Ohms 200 Watts
into 2 Ohms 300 Watts
Frequency response + 0/– 3 dB 1 Hz – 150 kHz
Slew rate 60 V/µs
Damping factor > 65
Total harmonic distortion < 0,02 %
Reservoir capacity 60000 µF

Mains / Accessories / Dimensions

Control interface R2-Link
Remote control SRC 1
Mains connection 100 – 120 V oder 200 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
Max. 1000 Watts
Standby < 0,5 W
Additional features Trigger input +5V … 20V via adapter plug for remote power-on
Input 3 (symmetrical) or 5 (asymmetrical) can be configured as Surround Pass Through
Optional Accessories PHE-P/PA R MM or MC phono content_default | Power Three HD (Carbon) | Power Bar | Audio Quad (Carbon) | Speaker Hex (Carbon)
Dimensions (W x H x D)/Weight 8,2 × 46 × 40 cm / 10,5 kg
Finishes Silver anodised aluminium (43), black anodised aluminium (42), brushed

Technical modifications reserved