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Avantgarde Acoustic

Avantgarde Acoustics UNO SD

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The most advanced DUO ever built. Generation 3 technology.

Avantgarde Acoustics DUO SD G3


We are simply fascinated by opposites:

A compact horn loudspeaker with a great sound. A reduced, clear exterior with an almost lavishly engineered interior.

This is the UNO SD.



The UNO is a scaled-down version of the classic DUO system. The aim was to achieve the clarity and performance of its ‘big’ brother in a much smaller package.

The 500 mm spherical midrange horn covers a wide bandwidth up to 300 Hz. The midrange and tweeter drivers use Omega voice coils. This high-impedance technology improves the interaction between the cone movement and the amplifier signal. The result is an impedance of 18 ohms combined with a system sensitivity of 107 dB/W/m.

The Evolution XM1 is a 127 mm midrange horn driver optimized for long, linear excursion. Its new ‘Soft Mesh Compound’ cone uses a rigid mesh shell as the supporting structure. The microscopic openings in the mesh are sealed with a synthetic elastomer coating. The combination of a stable mesh structure and a flexible coating effectively reduces partial resonances of the dome itself.

We have completely redesigned the tweeter for the UNO SD. The lighter, ring-shaped diaphragm of the XT2 tweeter extends the frequency range up to 22,000 Hz with a sensitivity of 107dB/W/m, providing greater clarity, focus and a fuller, more natural sound.

The UNO SD’s subwoofer module uses the new XB10 high performance driver in a bass-reflex configuration. We increased the voice coil diameter from 100mm to 153mm and this huge 6-inch motor structure achieves superior power factor and power handling. At the same time, thermal compression is significantly reduced.

The G3-500 bass amplifier delivers 500 watts and features an advanced digital sound processor. The new user interface makes it easy to adjust the sound to suit individual preferences and to integrate the system seamlessly into a wide variety of rooms.

Excellence reinvented

In the G3 Series, we have taken the bionic horn principle to the extreme.Highly bred horn perfomance through unrestrained efficiency with a huge transmission range.

107dB efficiency

New Evolution driver generation for enhanced dynamics and purer sound.


160 mm - Supertweeter

Innovative XT2 tweeter with new long-throw horn and extended supertweeter frequency range with record-low distortion levels.


500 mm spherical wave midrange horn

New improved XM1 UNO Evolution driver with 107dB efficiency and 18 Ohm Omega technology.



1 x 10 inch XB10 driver with 153mm voice coil and 1.15 Tesla flux density on 480mm voice coil length. Diaphragm composite of long fiber paper and carbon fiber.

Color worlds

New elegant color and design options for an even more customized configuration of your dream speaker.


Coplanar driver alignment.

In the G3 Series, all drivers are on one axis. This means that the acoustic centers are all on the same plane. The distance of the acoustic centers of the drivers to the listener are therefore always identical. Accordingly, the signals from the respective sources (tweeter, midrange and woofer) arrive at the same time and thus correctly.


Modular technology.

All the electronics are housed in easily replaceable technology modules. So that you can easily expand or upgrade your system even after many years.


Current amplifier.

Patented iTRON current fully active engine for perfect control of membrane vibrations and the ultimate sound.


500 watt bass power amplifier

Integrated power amplifier with 500 watts of amplification power and processor-controlled active filters. New G3 user interface for programming.


Everything is possible


Each shade in our 12-colour collection has been carefully selected to complement and adorn your horn speakers. Our aim is to create a timelessly elegant and expressive composition that blends harmoniously with your interior design and showcases the horns.

One speaker. Two versions.


The semi-active version is designed to be used with external hi-fi amplifiers.
With an efficiency of 107dB/W/m and an impedance of 18 ohms, the speaker is extremely easy to operate and ideal for low-power amplifiers. The ideal speaker for the world’s finest high-end amplifiers.




In the iTRON version, the amplifiers are built into the speaker, eliminating the need for external power amplifiers. To achieve this, we have developed an electronic system that is based on a fundamentally different operating principle to any of the conventional amplifiers on the market. We are the first manufacturer in the world to achieve what was previously thought to be an impossible technological feat. For a sound that is simply heavenly.

Modular technology for versatility & timelessness.

Each model has a replaceable technology module that connects to the loudspeaker via a multi-pin power connector. This makes it easy to upgrade the semi-active speaker with iTRON technology at a later date.

It can be upgraded to the most advanced digital technology available at the time, even after many years.

This ensures the sustainability of your investment for generations to come.

Coplanar alignment of the drivers.

In the speaker, all the drivers are on the same axis. This means that the acoustic centres are all in the same plane. The distance between the acoustic centres of the drivers and the listener is therefore always identical.



160mm tweeter horn

  • Low cut-off frequency
  • Annular diaphragm with a duplex guide
  • THD distortion - 50dB lower than the actual music signal
  • Bandwidth up to 22,000 Hz


500mm spherical wave horn

  • Ultra-low compression ratio
  • Large linear stroke
  • 17 Ohm driver impedance
  • Unique spheric-dome diaphragm with exclusive AirGate frequency filtering technology
  • 107dB/W/m sound pressure level

The perfect crossover.

With our SphericLowCut filter, Airgate technology and PolarizationPlus circuit, we have developed the most innovative technological concepts in our passive crossover.

These are completed with the highest quality components available. Our new NatureCap is an extremely complex capacitor, handmade in Germany. The electrodes are made from precision-rolled aluminium foil, rather than ultra-thin plastic film vaporized with aluminium. The dielectric is a cellulose fibre compound impregnated with organic oils. The NatureCap is approximately 25 times larger than the previous XD series capacitors and is securely mounted to the circuit board using specially manufactured brackets..

XB10 bass driver


For the UNO SD we have developed a completely new driver. Compared to the previous model, we increased the voice coil diameter from 100mm to 153mm. With this gigantic 6-inch motor structure, we achieve absolute top values for power factor and power handling, while at the same time reducing power compression.

The motor structure consists of two High Grade magnets magnetised in Europe’s largest 200,000-volt facility. The huge voice coil transfers the power of the permanent magnet with 1.15 Tesla flux density to a voice coil circumference of 480mm. This is an increase of over 50% compared to the previous model!

We use low carbon steel for the pole plates, which are specially designed for the XB10. To ensure high linearity even at maximum diaphragm excursion, the spider has a patented dynamic profile with a progressive surround design. The surround is made of low-loss NBR (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber) for fast and clean transient response.

The diaphragm is made from a composite of long-fibre paper and carbon fibre – extremely strong and torsion resistant for precise pistonic excursion of the diaphragm during transients and decay.

TThe XB10’s new SingleFrame chassis features robust die-cast aluminium cantilevers, which also enclose the magnet, providing a totally rigid material bond around the moving parts of the motor structure.

XB10 is a benchmark for 10″ bass. A statement that underlines the uncompromising and unique nature of the G3 Series.

Bass amplifier


The UNO SD’s active subwoofer is powered by the G3-500 power module. This integrated power amplifier consists of a 500-watt amplifier that provides ample headroom for complex EQ settings.

The subwoofer can be switched on remotely via a 12-volt switching input. Direct connection to integrated amplifiers, power amplifiers or receivers is via speaker-level input terminals. Alternatively, line level inputs are available via XLR connectors. The signal tap is not only high impedance, but also balanced and transformer-coupled. This keeps the circuit ground floating, eliminating hum and making it easy to connect to balanced and bridged amplifier designs.

All electronics are fused via a state-of-the-art E-Fuse circuit. Not only is this much faster and safer than conventional fuses, but it is also ideal in terms of sound.

Digital crossover.


The bass power amplifier is equipped with an advanced digital sound processor.

The digital crossover eliminates all passive filter elements in the signal path with a precision and bit accuracy that cannot be achieved with analogue technology.

The volume of the subwoofer can be adjusted using the two buttons on the DSP display.

The Avantgarde Control Software allows a wide range of additional settings (e.g. high and low pass filters, equalisers, etc.) to be programmed. The DSP has 2 x LAN sockets, allowing multiple subwoofers to be daisy-chained for simultaneous programming. A USB connection is optionally available.

The user interface has been completely redesigned and is now very easy and intuitive to use. All parameters can be easily adjusted to suit the room acoustics or listening habits.

The BASS-BOOST control can be used to boost the low-frequency response below 45 Hz, allowing the bass response to be adjusted from ‘linear’ to ‘rich’.

The DSP has an 8-band equaliser for individual frequency adjustment. Each of the 8 bands can be raised or reduced by up to 4 dB. This can be used to adjust the bass response to suit a particular sound (linear, techno, pop, rock, classical, etc.) or to reduce certain broadband room resonances.

The LPF-RANGE slider adjusts the upper crossover frequency of the subwoofer and thus the “tonal balance” of the system.

At higher frequency settings, the subwoofer partially overlaps with the midrange horn’s frequency response. This makes vocals/instruments sound ‘warmer’ and ‘fuller’.

When the crossover frequency is set lower, there is a small gap between the subwoofer and midrange frequency response. The tonal balance of the system shifts towards a more ‘dynamic & punchy’ sound.

FILTER 1 & 2 are narrow band ‘notch’ filters with a level cut of -3dB or -6dB. These filters can be used to eliminate/reduce unwanted narrowband room resonance frequencies.


Horn type spherical horn
Horn aperture angle 180 degrees
Horn diameter midrange 500 mm
Horn diameter tweeter 160 mm


Diameter midrange 127 mm / 5 inches
Diameter tweeter 25 mm / 1 inch


Driver size 250 mm / 10 inches
Number of drivers 1x XB10
Voice coil diameter 153 mm
Flux density 1.15 Tesla / 480 mm
Pole plate low carbon steel
Membrane material Paper/carbon fiber compound


Output power (RMS) 1x 500 Watt
Digital crossover DSP
Equalizer 8 Band EQ
Digital room adjustment yes
Inputs 1 x SPKR + 1 x XLR


iTRON voltage/current converter technology patented
Fully balanced circuit yes
Single-ended circuit yes
Zero feedback yes
Without negative feedback yes
Power 2 x 100 Watt


High Performance Multi Contact Connector yes
Semi-active version yes
Fully active version with iTRON amplifier yes



Dimensions width 500 mm
Dimensions depth 615 mm
Dimensions height (+/- 10 mm) 1,355 mm
Weight 81.5 kg